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  Glass_window&door_1 by freakyyyy

Category Glass
Date 2014-08-03 20:11:31
Rendertime 00:02:15
System i5 3570k at 4.2Ghz, ram 24gb, GTX 560 SLI
Vray version 2.40.03
3dsmax version 3ds max 2013
Comment My first mat I hope you like it :)

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muaxinyoosuf wrote: thanks

yael16652 wrote: tnx a lot

dosarchi wrote: TNX

ShubhAC wrote: Please bro... Upload reflective blue glass for window..

sakin wrote: thanks

ANIMA wrote: great job! Thanks, bro

Shilpa wrote: Nice

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louiesbuan wrote: nice

alanpereiraarq wrote: boooom de mais

Ausjani71 wrote: thank u

alaa2002 wrote: thank you

animacion wrote: good

gabriel80c wrote: Comentario Forzado, pero bueno... que más, gratis es "Gratis" y para todos que como yo, que no quieren pagar un subcripcion. Los entiendo, saludos desdel el tercer mundo. Venezuela.

Trapos wrote: Thanks

Dzoara27V wrote: THANKS :)

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Emtinan wrote: Good Job!

mrchapata wrote: great!

emarq wrote: nice, thank you!

sculptor_ignigena wrote: Thank you!

stibra wrote: buen material

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

rashidcholayil wrote: thanks

sulenin wrote: hey

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Patrykk wrote: Thanks

aleppulido wrote: thanksss, really pretty

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b3y4z wrote: I do used evert time its not bad ^^

Jona wrote: Its a big help..Nice material

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erickgalarce wrote: zxfgsd

CRISTINAP wrote: Thanks!

Jc10 wrote: Thaks

sari.m wrote: THX

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supengruen wrote: no map

Alaswad.y1 wrote: Such a nice material

Neversmile wrote: Thanx to u man

Banchakran wrote: Thanks

behweiyin wrote: THANKS!

behweiyin wrote: THANKS!

dungoc2190 wrote: good material

dungoc2190 wrote: good material

keopsgraphic wrote: good material

RicardoLC wrote: Awesome!

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e351147 wrote: NO MAP !! HOW DO I USE IT ?

tlgkky wrote: thanx

fdm91vm wrote: Missing jpg file in zip!

m4str0k wrote: asdasdas

Alexx2016 wrote: Just want to thank a full and deeply thank to all of you guys that make this great job I'm a new user on all of this but once I get more experience I'll find a way to do something in exchange for all your help. Alexx

jamesbuenaflor wrote: Man! Mat doesnt work, downloaded it but got a file that has an extension of Microsoft Access Table Shortcut! Can't find any .png's or .bmp's! Help!

1111111q wrote: good job

pacopuche wrote: Thanks for the mat

hanhsu wrote: thank so much

kevsi12121 wrote: (y)

gmilovanovic wrote: I like it!

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edward91113 wrote: thank you

AJ.Lin wrote: i like it

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zainab5877 wrote: goood

hindpst wrote: nice

tere96 wrote: me lo descargo, pero no me deja abrirlo, qué hago? AYUDA!

wbm wrote: very nice

autumnbacly wrote: Thank

Addon_Studio (BANNED) wrote: no texture...

hphuc2005 wrote: thk

HassanKaraki wrote: it is nice

HassanKaraki wrote: it is nice

Atlantiscafe76 wrote: thank you

paidalice wrote: tanks man

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allperto wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

ganter72 wrote: The bump .JPG is missing :c. Do you have a link or something?

davetjong wrote: nice

algorjur wrote: 8 Points

luanpolo wrote: uia!

mfarooqhayat62 wrote: good

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Hector Humito wrote: Vamos a probar, gracias =9

Roman.Aviles wrote: haber que tal

pasart41 wrote: thanks

SMazurek wrote: cOOL ;D

pablovelasco3d wrote: Nice, thanks u. But I'm missing a map that you are using in the bump slot

promma15 wrote: Thanks

Radiosity wrote: Thank you

nat27 wrote: i really like it!!!! :D

salihgocmn wrote: Good

minhquan wrote: Good

fds2013 wrote: very good glass mat.

killingtheory wrote: its great

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kaaaees wrote: thanks

melihdog wrote: thanks

luis rugerio wrote: I'm sure is great!!!

xunjin wrote: THANK U

doaasalah wrote: I was always want this material . thank you foxes

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unkemptfiber1 wrote: loved it

manoj_id wrote: nice

maher_3173 wrote: cool thanks

herotj4 wrote: so good mats

amento wrote: !!!!!!

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karankuldeep wrote: thank u

sasidharan282 wrote: rated this material with 7 Points

aibilgin wrote: asd

moe heshki wrote: thx

dianameth wrote: oohh holy shiiit! it's nice, very nice!

ahmed22116622 wrote: nice

ahmed22116622 wrote: nice

leonz wrote: like it

sulfikerka wrote: for max 2012

abe1988 wrote: Muy bueno

jltech12 wrote: juklj

gss wrote: Cool

5dson wrote: note 6 because the texture map is missing

slowhand818 wrote: Why is this scored highly when the download doesn't contain the texture map so is useless?

alejandrocv18 wrote: rated this material with 9 points ! exellent !

reinaldo wrote: obrigado

greggy1981 wrote: very nice..

greggy1981 wrote: very nice..

asalmon wrote: good one

heyk wrote: good

Alejandrozetaf wrote: THANKS FOR THIS :3

mmalachy wrote: Thank you freakyyyy, this looks ideal for my architectural project.

emem wrote: this is nice material sample..

freakyyyy wrote: @TS75 I forgot that :/

TS75 wrote: deaktivated meshsmooth on the object? why?

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