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  Interior_Glass by Alex Rai

Category Glass
Date 2014-07-28 20:56:34
Rendertime 00:35:00
System Intel i7 3.70 Ghz 32 Gb Ram Graphics Nvidia Gtx 780
Vray version 3.0
3dsmax version 2014
Comment Interior Glass for Architectural Vizualization

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erdemuylas wrote: thanks a lot

Mansuor wrote: nice work

sakin wrote: thanks

danielramosrd wrote: good

NickyLoughry wrote: Empty material library

Shilpa wrote: Great

igord2 wrote: there is no material, max 2020

anita zg wrote: anit.zg

architrav wrote: Thanks a lot !

aeterno1016 wrote: good!

kelly rodriguez wrote: good

David87 wrote: Perfect colour for interior glass stuff

Musak wrote: Thanks!

idgeek wrote: empty!

RUPERTO wrote: muy buen trabajo gracias!

image22 wrote: thanks

laurent75016 wrote: thank you !

ibnesaud wrote: Thank you very much

orlando123 wrote: Atuesu

vxf_nubee wrote: Great job, thanks

fahedhafez.07 wrote: It's empty

TNZK wrote: Amigo, no funciona el materia esta vaciĆ³.

vaniaponce wrote: genial

compadre wrote: bueno

reginadim wrote: thanks

Trapos wrote: Thanks

mrr wrote: nice work

oukkal mourad wrote: Nice work

oukkal mourad wrote: Nice work

jarakbay wrote: Thanks :)

sin1234 wrote: u?h

0834482916 wrote: ??

davud.c wrote: awesome thank you

mimarkada wrote: aaaa

fik3023 wrote: Thank You

rehamhamdy 777 wrote: good

Irnika2507 wrote: Thank your a lot!

DanoNavaro wrote: Amazing..!!!

ajithkumar wrote: love it

architec12 wrote: thanks

hpf wrote: nice

she archi wrote: nice

thetime4lunch wrote: thx

fongcatherine wrote: nice

Angeljc wrote: thanks

Hary setiawan wrote: Terima kasih :)

nyirko22 wrote: cool

Broderik wrote: good

paula tatiana wrote: thanks a lot

zbuluch wrote: cool

rakenate wrote: nice ty

taqiadden wrote: thanks

ayah89 wrote: thanks

Miri-Sushi wrote: Nice

vinodairy wrote: Not getting load.

XIIF wrote: not working....

weslei.fuentesf wrote: not work

Zaf619 wrote: wonderful

tantruong70 wrote: standard nice

aditpunya wrote: NICE

boim77 wrote: nice job

derekwenken wrote: so good meterial, thanks

andreagra86 wrote: so real!!! very nice, THANKS!!!!

wutongshu wrote: nice work thank you for the sharing

eksi21 wrote: thank yaa...

Jaumevray wrote: dont load

eenhwan wrote: thsnks

ace-ventura wrote: empty file

jocelyn wrote: :)

Kullanici25 wrote: good

MicoSusilovic wrote: good

supengruen wrote: Very nice! :)

flavio3d2009 wrote: not work

Damascus1040 wrote: NOT WORKING!

idgeek wrote: people, do u even open the file before u rate it? this is an empty file!!

hemaid wrote: thanks

lucasmoreno87 wrote: buenisimo

poomie1623 wrote: good

ShoaibHussan wrote: When i download it, why it becomes shortcut ?

wahyustudio wrote: good jobs

marcus1122 wrote: nice dou

idgeek wrote: in the .ZIP file the material file is linked to a file in another location. and the origianl file is missing.

ishubhrdwj wrote: i like it

adarshkrxl1 wrote: nice, full 10 marks!!!

lachicalista35 wrote: Just that I need!

Espie1979 wrote: empty when open material

enfalconi wrote: Doesn't work. It's empty when loaded at 3Dmax! -1

mrvgrck wrote: doesn't work

maroo82 wrote: cool thing

hanhsu wrote: thank

kevsi12121 wrote: awesome

DougCabox wrote: Awesome

miag2015 wrote: just what i was looking for

borenbo wrote: 10 points

bilisimciali wrote: good mat

bilisimciali wrote: good

Jurek2015 wrote: Hi again, 3dsmax10 imports the library but fails to show anything but black circles. Am I missing something? Help please :)

Jurek2015 wrote: Hi, this is my first download. I will try to comment once I figure out how to import it and use :)

yozandrei wrote: Rated 1 for the fact that when I open the .mat => is empty please fix it mate.

aelguera496 wrote: nice

autumnbacly wrote: Thank

lieunguyen wrote: thanks

albertico uno wrote: Fabulous material

MrTigeriffic wrote: Nothing inside the material :(

studio lococo wrote: it doesn't work

kirile8 wrote: Doesnt work

BeppeZ wrote: It doesn't work for me :( open the material in 3ds and after nothing inside

fly555 wrote: THANK YOU

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

miheta wrote: I cant open this material.

normski20 wrote: Very useful tool, thanks

drwolf2 wrote: excelent!! nice colors

Josejnovoa wrote: does not work ! :(

angest wrote: don't working

djohunt wrote: empy

dzintas wrote: broken...

rainok wrote: Empty library

sadmatrix wrote: not working?

k7ok7a1415 wrote: 11

deathreapa11 wrote: Awesome!

l3ankarch wrote: goods

Joeatkins wrote: you all rock, I'm rather new to this so learning a ton of stuff - thanks so much

iloflo0034 wrote: there is empty library, no material inside

kinglove (BANNED) wrote: xzfv

ehremen wrote: 9

mohamedmhelmy wrote: NICE

rafaploc wrote: mostro!!! cool!! un 10

xinfang wrote: good

redflash wrote: there is empty library, no material inside :(

xsatoshi wrote: dont work

elmaya wrote: Is not even working

Alex Rai wrote: gustavo vasconcelos.....why 1 point?

nuel wrote: nice

wroney99 wrote: Very Nice :)

mujimohd wrote: nice

bombeza02 wrote: rated this material with 4 Points

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