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Simple White Wall

  Simple White Wall by Wojcyl

Category Architecture
Date 2014-05-15 00:52:53
Rendertime 00:31:09
System Intel Core i7-3770K 3.50GHz, 16GB ram NVIDIA Quadro 600
Vray version 2.30
3dsmax version 2013
Comment Very simple dry white wall material. My first :)

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LopezRaffo2 wrote: Nice

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kenomi wrote: Thank you!

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aasinf wrote: Thanks

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vuthanhphong278 wrote: thank so much

ekrem wrote: using bump without reflection map and reflectiob gloss maps so simple :)

tansufidan wrote: nice

dgg2514 wrote: good!

feti55 wrote: 54

imnotamanda wrote: thankssss!

Ioanna Ch wrote: very nice!

ikharo wrote: 10

sayuri wrote: it is incomplete, just have the .mat

artanm94 wrote: awesome

Husse86 wrote: good

Husse86 wrote: good

CulieR wrote: I hope than this material will be better than my. Becouse I need to finnish my project. Thank you:-)

creativeGue wrote: just as it says... simple

diogokauf wrote: the best one

D3MS wrote: Very useful and nice material. Thank you!

yfcycc wrote: :0

archiyahia wrote: THANK YOU

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

furqaanhaneef wrote: good TEXTURE loved it as an architect

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Ama2708 wrote: Perfect! exactly what I needed :)

MuratAkbas wrote: Thank u

MuratAkbas wrote: Clear :)

alinumber1 wrote: best

megatronX wrote: rated this material 8 points

fmmb929 wrote: cant import error paramblock

martinpelcl wrote: nice ;)

malulatti wrote: excelente

xsatoshi wrote: DONT WORK

juancho1104 wrote: can anyone save it in 2012 please????

tjiraa wrote: can somebody save this material in 2012 max?

ROBERTOBASTOS.ARQ wrote: this is wrong?

batgerelotgo wrote: 99

alejandrocv18 wrote: RATED THIS MATERIAL WITH 100 POINTS !

ARquinah wrote: thaks

mmalachy wrote: Thanks very much.

rol90015 wrote: muy buen material

tomcleng wrote: thank you. very nice

montanarq wrote: simple pero con gran calidad, gracias por el aporte

salsatonnata wrote: can't load into mat library!

tudor_panaitescu wrote: I can't load the material in sketchup, all I get from the download is an an microsoft access table sheet. Am I doing something wrong?

rashwan78 wrote: thanks

CGPaichadze wrote: Very Cool Thank You

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raghukrk wrote: nice one

wael.bekhet wrote: great work

diegoxco wrote: good job

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evancremone wrote: error paramblock ? what is mean ?

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