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White cloth

  White cloth by ravand

Category Cloth
Date 2014-01-19 01:51:04
Rendertime 00:03:00
System fx 8350 8 cores Gtx 760 16gb ram 13333mhz
Vray version vray 2.00.03
3dsmax version Max 2013 64 bit
Comment White greyish soft cloth perfect for cushions coaches clothing and any other soft material

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alina.st wrote: woowww..thank you soo much, it is beyond perfect!!!

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aboedhi wrote: many..many..thanks

srratomaz wrote: thank u!

pedronx wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

haroonqiyam wrote: good

Ramar wrote: Thanks a lot :D

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

gktganesh wrote: nice

shafeeq.parayil wrote: may i know how to apply this material in scene?

mymy_ wrote: ok

pauli55escudero wrote: good

luforga3d wrote: Gracias por el aporte

ajithks wrote: gud

godfrey1992 wrote: good.

frostiebox wrote: This is a very low res material. The jpg that is used is quite small (400x268) and is not seamless. Just an FYI.

B-Render wrote: thx!

janri14 wrote: very helpful!

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