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  WATER by zahir3d

Category Liquid
Date 2006-08-29 12:27:34
Rendertime 00:15:50
System Athlon X2 3800
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Water material, you have to change the fog multiplier to this material to your scene.

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james1017101 wrote: thanks

richard25 wrote: bien

veeru stark wrote: nice

juliofer wrote: excelente

ricardoaugusto wrote: testing

paulako wrote: zenkiu_!

kokuw wrote: thanx

bakr3007 wrote: Great!

archicat wrote: Great

marksbox20_Vray wrote: thanks!

yuh1993 wrote: Great!

yuh1993 wrote: Great!

Gaspard12 wrote: Neat ! super useful. :)

ookash24 wrote: ok jest

giupa87 wrote: thanks

yu_haoo wrote: beautiful!

hpf wrote: Thanks

ARGL wrote: thax

diegosv wrote: perfect

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

phuongnguyen198vn wrote: nice work!

jsgiraldoe wrote: this great

jp_3d wrote: excelent! thank you very much

Sevak_97 wrote: 12

jarakbay wrote: mil gracias :)

mene2000 wrote: don't work with max2013

archgaga wrote: good mat

habitat005 wrote: cool

nourhanne wrote: nice work :)

ayman farag wrote: goof

jrodjoh wrote: amazing

melabrague wrote: good

ahmednagib wrote: wow very good

salaxi wrote: watery water! to be inspired by..

cuber wrote: thanks!

rambo anas wrote: gud job dear frnd :)

kanjii1881 wrote: star

Sansan wrote: Thanks alot for great help

over_senses wrote: Thanx

sanja pavelic wrote: 9, i like it

rebelruby wrote: Cool

regasto wrote: tks

StefanusBinawanUtama wrote: nice stuff dude.. thanks a lot

quanglongtm wrote: thank

nofearcan wrote: daseqw

Yialielnu wrote: Excellent material. You have to adjust fog color and noise size to your scene.

mara09 wrote: 123

unie wrote: where is the map?


Satankikit wrote: Good mat, this site helped a lot

tawea9 wrote: nice material

water wrote: aa

lokrian wrote: i can download

nightmore wrote: nice

mrizwan wrote: Very Nice Thankx

pkulkarni6 wrote: nice

Elric3d wrote: nice, tnx!

jasimkjawahir wrote: thanks for that!

jamming2 wrote: love it!

lucipir wrote: nice material, really flexible

Natana wrote: way


Tavoalves wrote: Awesome!

balu wrote: thank you, it's a nice one though it has some strange bumo

zahir3d wrote: Thank you all for your post! :)

pipolo wrote: very very nice!!!

opklm wrote: good

heinkelster wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

everumana1 wrote: good

maahs wrote: nice

pyxie wrote: just what I ahve been looking for, very much appreciated.

zahir3d wrote: Thank you all !

wuttichai wrote: it's so cool very nice

lordbras wrote: asa

bu4ardo wrote: 9

demon_1987 wrote: Impressive ;)

sourabhb wrote: cooooooool material man! thanks :D

anasyosri wrote: I am thirsty !

ad-max wrote: this is interesting,I test on this ,thanks :)

Exno wrote: Amazing material!

captainnemo wrote: cool !

gwykim wrote: thanks a lot

chip3D wrote: thank

chandni wrote: wow

chandni wrote: wow

ninobino wrote: muito bom material

cupsster wrote: barzs sumnu vodu si zrobil.. dik :)))

ORKKA wrote: exellent

JadedEagle wrote: Superb Job!

arximatias wrote: very nice

bluejh23 wrote: this water materials is really good for flowing down on the wall.

funfun wrote: thanks

threedees wrote: amazing, thanks a lot

r1talin wrote: will look nice in my scene THANKS

lsl6766058 wrote: need,so download

Hochlanddesign wrote: Flexible water for many uses. Thnx!

Dominik.Martinez wrote: looks like gel

capp wrote: crystal blue water, nice

adryancyc wrote: Quite nice...

kryssieknowles wrote: acoording to my point of view it`s the most realistic texture of water

knock wrote: hell nice,,,,,thanks u

hackwar (BANNED) wrote: The best water mat here.. But still not exactly what I looking for to use it for my swimming pool... Keep the good work ;)

Jeffg wrote: I also get an error when trying to load it - bummer.

CADinho wrote: Thank You !!!

jacobo wrote: I LIKE IT

joa_grilo wrote: grat job

mitimai wrote: Wow

vickyalvarez wrote: I think it looks too wavy, anyway, it looks quite good.

nude wrote: only for test

momino wrote: good but needs more transparency

louaym wrote: its cool

[HP] wrote: looks weird on the sample model though... might be the noise, gonna give it a try! :D

kamiex wrote: 好

pe_int wrote: thank you krub

Napat-G wrote: very Good!!!!!! ^ ^

luuquan911 wrote: many thanks bro !

visualride wrote: bloop, bloop. Thanks!

pmwa wrote: Wery Well

rubik777 wrote: it gives me an error :(

tiago_ma wrote: nice :)

artysmedia wrote: un poco plastificado

ibrahim_gabr wrote: Why does it gives me an error when I load it ?!? it looks gr8 thats why I asked

noxnixnox wrote: good^^

bricklyne wrote: Nice

terminus wrote: thanks

dogimo wrote: refreshing :) thx!

treddilandia wrote: my god

3D Inside wrote: nice mat dude

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