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 chain mail v2

  chain mail v2 by slowhand818

Category Metal
Date 2013-09-18 14:36:37
Rendertime 00:16:12
System intel i7 GeForce gtx 660 ti
Vray version 2.4
3dsmax version 2014
Comment now with front and back displacement and textures. set the vray displacement to 0.2 to achieve the sample image

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sakin wrote: thanks

ahcduan1 wrote: thank you!

exoss wrote: Thanks

laurent75016 wrote: thank you !

apoorv.prasd wrote: good

angcella wrote: thx

gliu4143 wrote: ty so much!!!

vaggelis wrote: Nice

joebogen wrote: Thank You

Nhattran2651 wrote: tks you !

Masan wrote: Nice

RTimmons wrote: Incredible material! Many thanks for posting!

rajajee1973 wrote: Thanks

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

loukia wrote: :)

abimarltdz wrote: nice!

valenciam wrote: EXCELENT

janghyunda wrote: Thanks so much

decostudio wrote: thank you slowhand818! I'll try it tomorrow!

slowhand818 wrote: I only recently discovered that the mat files were versioned. I don't want you to post your email address as that opens you up to the world. Easiest way is create a vray double sided material. then add vray materials to form the top and btm sides. then the maps just plugin to diffuse(reflect and opacity as well) , Normal bump map, and displacement map. Hope that's clear

decostudio wrote: hI! this material looks great, but, may it be possible to get the .mat file in a 2013 3ds max version? or do you know any way I can open the file in 2013? thanks!

modeejungz wrote: Thanks

vicolopo wrote: thanks

stonegolem wrote: Very nice and detailed material. Thank you for providing it.

Trevor3700 wrote: Nice!

fatmayilmaz (BANNED) wrote: lll

fds2013 wrote: Nice materials! thanks a lot!

merinde wrote: Nice worked :)

blaze5 wrote: =)

karalliyadda wrote: 10/10 excellent

sameme wrote: wow

slowhand818 wrote: its a double sided material so there are diffuse ,bump and displacement maps, make sure these point to where you have installed the maps. then to get a smooth displacement go into the vray render options, goto the setting tab and under vray default displacement set the edge length to 0.2 pixels. hope that helps

abdalrahmano wrote: how to use this material can some one tell me :(

Haleth wrote: Incredible!

Banshee wrote: Some people simply want to watch the world burn ;)

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