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Blue Pool Water

  Blue Pool Water by bbmt

Category Architecture
Date 2012-11-30 22:32:05
Rendertime 00:08:28
System CPU I7 980 Ram 16Gb
Vray version 2
3dsmax version 2012
Comment Nice pool water

adjusting blue level in fog color depends on pool depth

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sjzzng wrote: thanks

mccastillero wrote: thanks for this water

Mostafa4500 wrote: NICE

Mostafa4500 wrote: NICE

akirale wrote: great! Thank you!

alessandrc wrote: love it

richard25 wrote: gracias

laurent75016 wrote: thank you !

sinuhe sousa becker wrote: water

tolasuam wrote: thanks!!

nolipineda101 wrote: thank you!

locoter wrote: thanks great work

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Trapos wrote: Thanks

simonhongahn wrote: This is great! thanks

mark1g17 wrote: thanks!!!!

aledornelles wrote: thanks

blueturbot29 wrote: :D

yuli12345 wrote: thankss

kobandco wrote: thanks!!!!

IR0MANI wrote: Thank you!!!!

jrdalago wrote: best

mhuw95k wrote: 고마워!

schreck wrote: cheers mate

gadah wrote: thank you

ginolau8129 wrote: realistic pool water...i like it

gonthermo wrote: beautiful

Diomar wrote: not bad

zeiv wrote: Tnx :)

ksh5614 wrote: good ^^

Marenna 2016 wrote: 9 points

mantresd wrote: Great Material

ph0581991 wrote: very nice

vancliff wrote: Thanks excellent material.

mrmrmr1 wrote: dcdd

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

morkovka11111 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

BABYLONBCN wrote: 10_pretty good staff

baranfoto wrote: like

liveonparadise wrote: you are awesome

eduledoux wrote: :)

pokachip wrote: :) thank you!!

ellipsebd wrote: great.

pjcyber wrote: tanks

nadarizk wrote: thanks

nadjibarch wrote: its a real water

oussama sami wrote: b1

renderhaus wrote: Excellent! I was looking for a good "ice" material, but this was the closest I could find. Works Great with just a bit of tweaking.

juanfi00 wrote: Rated this material with 8 points.

RinUnderSky wrote: lovely! many thanks:))

silence_easel_21 wrote: Thanks!

haaziza wrote: how to use this material on 3ds max 2009? haaziza@gmail.com

Dr.3dmax wrote: nice water

maryaonca wrote: awesome thanks!

popo7 wrote: good


Tulthank wrote: awesome !

sakura5160 wrote: Thank you very much.

3dmaya wrote: nice

gangguy wrote: good

mituaman wrote: awesome....

K-rlos wrote: cool material ;)

clang4 wrote: cool material ;)

stevenmiao wrote: Good!

hongx wrote: 111111

Amany wrote: thanks :)

melero.1988 wrote: Exellent working. Thanks you.

Hawler wrote: Please answer me.....how can i use .mat file???? whats this??

bbmt wrote: thx all V3xed : just try adjusting the uvw size in your objoct and redefine the size of noise in the bump map

Yakkter wrote: Muy bueno!

jontk wrote: no me sirve

marioperdomo wrote: excellent material

moolah wrote: really need this material to improve my pool scenes.

amirsh34 wrote: hi

V3XED wrote: I dont understand how to use it. It loads in as a checkerboard material :/

andybgood2013 wrote: WO O OO O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O OO T T T T T T T T T A A A A A A A A A A GOOD JOB!

Mona_Lisa wrote: Nice =)

ritjit wrote: nice material :)

julianapinheiro wrote: sim.. não da pra usar no sketchup ¬¬


dw wrote: very nice

blodbuster wrote: Increible 10+

ahmadalkazak wrote: thanks

bubblin wrote: very nice thanks

marjani0071 wrote: nice

teboo wrote: nice one :)

wingle wrote: thank you!

tengolethal wrote: good job

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