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  Chrome(fixed) by szalveta

Category Metal
Date 2012-06-29 13:31:25
Rendertime 00:01:55
System Intel C2D E4500 2.2Ghz, 2GB DDR2 ram
Vray version 2
3dsmax version 2012
Comment There is the fixed version.

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vaggelis wrote: thanks!!!!

CGAART41 wrote: thanks

laurent75016 wrote: thank you !

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carusso_79 wrote: great work

nolipineda101 wrote: thankS!!

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dwifajarsetiawan wrote: tx a lot

JonnyPillock wrote: Good work

burakmates wrote: Usefull material thanks

elborgy wrote: good

bakayaro171 wrote: thanks

meenakshi.pranic wrote: thank you so much for these mtl :)

Jorge Durand wrote: thanks!

zolymadafaka wrote: Great job! Thanks

ciel313 wrote: Thx a lot

mbukhamsin wrote: good

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

cippolippo1 wrote: good job

RivalBanane wrote: Cool chroma mat

afada wrote: good

meodenemr wrote: thank you very much. it's so real

patheras wrote: Thank you!

yasminredzuan wrote: ;)

elena teuolde wrote: 10 points

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htndsilva85 wrote: :=)

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Aleatorio wrote: cool

joeltu12 wrote: me gusto 10 puntos

Thirdeyenz wrote: This won't load into max.

heanji35 wrote: thank!!

trison wrote: we get Chrome and see mat. file, we copy and paste C Data, but i can't use them, everyone help me, thanks

trison wrote: after download, i can't use them, help me

cj_kurama wrote: verynice,thkyou!

bırkanbahar wrote: good

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Impeesa wrote: Nice Material

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sofia24arch wrote: My bad. I didn't see it is for 2012 Max. I am sorry..

sofia24arch wrote: No material in here

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Rajeevchombal wrote: chrome is always charming

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thitipon wrote: cool !

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szalveta wrote: choijungok: you should be banned.

choijungok wrote: :)

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one-does-not-simply wrote: need for sketch up! :cry: people probably hatin on me cause there all 3ds max people, but I have 3ds max, Maya and Nuke:omgomgomg:

mcamerasc wrote: give u 5 cuz we don't need more Chrome here... There are many already. It's not a creative material anymore. It's the most basic vray material.

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