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Plywood - By Ben Woolf

  Plywood - By Ben Woolf by oldskoolflash

Category Wood
Date 2012-01-25 21:10:11
Rendertime 01:20:00
System -
Vray version 2.0
3dsmax version 2012
Comment A multi sub object material with the Birch Ply face and end grain. Use edit mesh to to give end grain faces a material ID 2 all other faced ID 1. UVW face map for best results.

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bauyves wrote: Thanks

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angelkott wrote: Great material, thanks for developing it ;-)

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ayah89 wrote: thanks

ayah89 wrote: thanks

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Tayma__ wrote: Sweet as a nut mate sweet as a nut!

aakalf wrote: thank you!

TYT94 wrote: good

rikirocky wrote: Nice work ;D

remingtonpollux wrote: Nice material

klemen_verbovsek wrote: I was looking for a long time for such plywood texture. :)

mniammniam wrote: perfect, thank you!

vedolino wrote: Not tileable :/

every_noma wrote: wow!!!!

kiraz wrote: thats nica

VisionQuest wrote: Great work! Thank you.

gorkavivo wrote: 10

merinde wrote: Works nice with UVW, Thanks. :)

suatab wrote: thnx

roblonrkuk wrote: very good work guys :)

piyushA wrote: awesome..

mfarooqhayat wrote: not bad

iglika wrote: like this !

pluu103 wrote: great!

chyn wrote: 8 Just cause, wrong wood, and a bit to glossy!

chyn wrote: Nice, but thats no birch its beechwood! ;) !!

cristinacosta wrote: thx =D

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siputlutju wrote: i'm a new user, letme try this...

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Mehmaddict wrote: like!

mcyrus wrote: it's a nice material..

amjad-sall wrote: thank you for vary

eloxatin wrote: Nice Material !

madalice00 wrote: good~ very usuful!

loki_x9 wrote: beautiful materialll... thanks

mahtab.khanum2000 wrote: ***s*as*as

maxvray wrote: 9

oldskoolflash wrote: Any more voting down and i'll delete this - hanniii (1) WTF! How about you upload a materiel for critique?

oldskoolflash wrote: Any more voting down and i'll delete this - hanniii (1) WTF! How about you upload a materiel for critique?

oldskoolflash wrote: Thanks for the ratings guys :) leej8893 why the 5? If you aren't getting the results you want ask for help don't, rate down because of your own ignorance :(

furansu wrote: soft n nice

bimbim wrote: thanks

tahaart wrote: thx

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