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Glitter Snow v.2

  Glitter Snow v.2 by perbalay22

Category Liquid
Date 2011-12-02 06:12:48
Rendertime 00:03:40
System i7 960 3.20MHz, 24gb/1600ddr3
Vray version Vray 2.10.01 SP1
3dsmax version 3dmax 2011 x64 SP1
Comment Blending a simple VrayMtl with a small displace and the new vray 2.0 feature VrayCarPaintMtl for adding some sparkles & glitters to the highlighted areas.

All is procedural, just tweak the scales (displace of base material & flakes size/scale from flakes material..) You can also unceck displace and use it with VrayDisplacementMod. Please also note that if you don't use a VrayHDRI this mat will not glitter.

Note that this material is based on Mark Nolan's Drifty Snow, which cant be used in latest versions of Vray such as 1.5, or higher. This material is specially designed for Vray 2.0 because of the new feature called VrayCarPaintMtl.

Thanks to Mark for the original mat and the guys who helped me to figure this out.

Enjoy it!

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