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Car Paint metallic blue

  Car Paint metallic blue by Banshee

Category Automotive
Date 2006-08-29 10:46:45
Rendertime 00:07:07
System dual Intel 3 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment A metallic Car Paint Shader. The (very fine) metal-Flakes are controlled by Noisemaps. Enhance the effect by increasing the Noise-Size and in special cases by increasing the bump-effect in the base layers. (slight effect here).

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Andy3360 wrote: très chouette, merci !

mariafouli wrote: thank you

Marenna 2016 wrote: 8 points

daniellejovenb wrote: good!

souzza10 wrote: asdfsafsdaf

Skips wrote: thanks :)

Brooks wrote: Great one!

LOL500 wrote: looks cool

kaka121411 wrote: 10 Points

koxy911 wrote: Really nice, I love it!

maxvray wrote: rated with 10 points

joselete3d wrote: Is a super elegant & realistic material!!

sobig wrote: very nice....

Leaman wrote: ídolo total!

kapil.vats21 wrote: yeppeeeeeee.....

nightmore wrote: nice

vijayponnambalam wrote: Very good its nice

manjargrafico wrote: Great Material for real prod...

KONtest wrote: FUCK !!!!

jpl1040 wrote: excellent car paint - perfect for real production car paints.

maya_26011980 wrote: Thanks for the metallic blue

mozartica wrote: WTF! Amazing!

seemymail wrote: good!

backboy wrote: verey gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Mei3am wrote: verey gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

kungfuMonkey wrote: WOW! how do you even begin to conceive a shader like this?! Fantastic! Thanx for sharing.

Fercho wrote: beautiful!

Kaid wrote: thx, looks awesome

zulmax wrote: very nice..

nuricoconi wrote: exelente!!! muy realista

fa-mo wrote: thank you

LulloCiq wrote: Realy Good ;)

alex_013 wrote: great work man

chandni wrote: cool

ninobino wrote: bem bonito

sergemax wrote: cool site! Thaks for material =)!!

bejjni wrote: very~~good!!

mansy_kh wrote: very nice

Ramidakos wrote: Tried it on a Car, really good and real. A 10 from me! ;)

Codename wrote: Sanks!!!

chree333 wrote: Wow!!! That's Good!!

fecx wrote: thanks.super material!!!

rmontti wrote: excelente material MUCHASGRACIAS

bitacaia wrote: Thanks!!! Excellent material! I would give 10, but I think it’s too much reflective, in my opinion! I’m going to tweak to my way, if you don’t mind!

Martincho wrote: excelente....

DfntPntbll wrote: oops double post,... sorry.

DfntPntbll wrote: Fantastic material. I just rendered it on a car I am working on using the settings from the standard upload scene and all I have to say is HOLY SHIT!!!! phanominal job..

DfntPntbll wrote: Fantastic material. I just rendered it on a car I am working on using the settings from the standard upload scene and all I have to say is HOLY SHIT!!!! phanominal job..

Banshee wrote: @Renevatio: We won´t have any trouble with those downvoters any more ;) Solved the problem quite good I think ;)

Renevatio wrote: @Banshee: i understand you, but

Galvao_RJ wrote: Niiiiice! I hope I can learn testing out from your material and soon post some of my own thanx!

Banshee wrote: @Renevatio: There are thousands of users who download tons of MAterials every day. We are not willing to change the procedure just because some kids think they can disturb us. Sure, there are idiots everywhere, in every single forum, in every community. We can´t _smell_ them, you know?

Renevatio wrote: i mean what do you think about people without sharing any mat and violating the site?(other than banning?)

Banshee wrote: @Renevatio: What exactly do you mean? We can only ask our users to behave in a friendly way, if they cause trouble, we ban them and restore the votings. That´s it...

Renevatio wrote: they even use my mailbox name!!! damn tansucy

Renevatio wrote: + there are lots of fake accounts, why do you accept people just but just registering?

tansucy (BANNED) wrote: cant open

tansucy (BANNED) wrote: e

tansucy (BANNED) wrote: admsquad, copy of previous?

Banshee wrote: admsquad: What´s your problem mate?

Jibb wrote: great shot !

Banshee wrote: Black car paint can easily be made from this one. Simply change the exisiting colors to black for the base layers and a brighter grey color for the highlights and reflections. You could also give the highlights a slight touch of blue, green, red (etc.) for a very subtile amount of color in the black paint.

Dominik.Martinez wrote: cool.. have you tried making a black car paint material?!

Mark_Noland wrote: Very fast!

Diego wrote: very real......

Shurik007 wrote: выглядит очень понастоящему =)

Shurik007 wrote: выглядит очень понастоящему =)

xingchen (BANNED) wrote: very nice

abielmuren wrote: wow! nice material, so great

Nerissa wrote: Gorgeous!

driller666 wrote: great one

samwillan wrote: omg! nice :P

saikob wrote: convincing!

sefs wrote: so goood!!

CADinho wrote: Thank You !!!

aheg wrote: perfect shade of blue!

apoglass wrote: Thx for you!

djdjdj wrote: It looks cool

onmydesignway wrote: good job!

dellis wrote: very nice!

ermiya wrote: nice

meysam3d wrote: i think its e ferrari car color ;)

flutes wrote: great

lewy_ wrote: so real car paint

visualride wrote: Good Paint!

dmv007 wrote: Really Fantastic :D

arapisq wrote: good work

mike34 wrote: very nice!

diegoneze wrote: Nice

25101 wrote: good

Austin Miushi wrote: Really nice!

artysmedia wrote: Muy bueno

zlika13 wrote: beautiful, thanx :)

ghori wrote: Beautiful material. Works well

kblife wrote: Very Good!!

Drin wrote: Great Material

小耗子 wrote: Enviable Material ~!

Druid wrote: Ohhh, very nice material my friend, thanks!

mrki wrote: great mat....great reflections

hittokiri wrote: very nice shader, thanx.

anakin wrote: great !!!

neuro wrote: i like that blue!

zinoarchi wrote: This material is great. Thanks for sharing

ReaX wrote: A very nice material ;)

Shak wrote: good job man

Banshee wrote: Matlib should be fine now. Sorry for that.

tjshark wrote: wow look real !!

greg04 wrote: looks like brushed gold to me when rendered

nafar wrote: nice

dabuzz wrote: Wronge matlib is in the file !! please fix it

zahir3d wrote: very nice shader

snippsat wrote: yes nice shader.

TOM wrote: useful mat, THX

maxor1986 wrote: Very nice! I like it

V-Raymond wrote: thanx,dude!looks good!

dogimo wrote: excellent, thx for sharing banshee :)

curly wrote: great mat, very nice !

Mirko wrote: Very nice one!!! :-)

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