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Gold Realistic?!

  Gold Realistic?! by donjao

Category Liquid
Date 2011-09-01 16:10:40
Rendertime 00:32:36
System iMax 27\" (Mid 2011, 3.16 GHz)
Vray version 2.10.01
3dsmax version 2012 Sp1
Comment I needed a gold material for a statue but none of the results were giving me the realistic results (i was going for gold-bar photo look). So I created my own. This one gave what I needed in a white wall box environement (no HDRI map). Render time is not so good, lower the subdivs, they are all 64+.

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idgeek wrote: its empty!

sirtrungsg wrote: good

KAWSAR HAMID wrote: Awesome

compadre wrote: NICE

recruitment ongko wrote: thanks

afro001600 wrote: very nice!

bobfethi wrote: very nice thank you

arieftoan wrote: nice

Andrius228 wrote: nice

shaileshs wrote: Impressive

amento wrote: i love it!!

nacii_ wrote: naci

butt wrote: nice

karrex wrote: im still new to 3DS max but anyone knows why does this material come up as plain black except from actual gold?

shiftdelete wrote: great mat thank you

emarkx110 wrote: waw

Binaya wrote: love this gold

albert14 wrote: like

elfishendri wrote: i like this good thanks

creaore wrote: nice very nice

saltynl wrote: Thanks !!!

imaneimane wrote: very nice:)

pollakit wrote: good

hirotoa9 wrote: thank you!

fds2013 wrote: thank you!

aljazarishaykh wrote: good material, love it....yeah but you are right about render time. even when i decrease the subdiv amount until 10, still slow.

jaggysingh wrote: thaxx so much

navaneeth3d wrote: thank you!

yesasd wrote: Nice!!! Thanks

klint07 wrote: love the color.

speed86 wrote: Super useful & beauty mat!


servendra wrote: very nice

eva0077 wrote: oh wow :D thank you so much

eva0077 wrote: it look sooo good, but could you tell what lights i should use to make it to look like this?

balantekin wrote: even i havent use this mateiral thnx

zalgadis wrote: very nice thank you

Madredchris wrote: looks solid, still a little bid to much noise imo.

rambo anas wrote: am new in thz community.really itz very helpfull to me..

rajashegaran wrote: very much thanks for your free service all the mettirials are very usefull

shery wrote: nice

arch_cornejo wrote: shukran habibi

leopoldovara wrote: buen material

ali_sso wrote: I like it!

Gustavo Pivisan wrote: cara muito bom esse materiall 10 pontos. passa pra mim?

jm14435 wrote: I like it!

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