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  grass-flower by tengolethal

Category Architecture
Date 2011-08-22 22:05:11
Rendertime 00:30:00
System i5, 8GB,Win7 64bit
Vray version 1.5 sp1
3dsmax version 2009 64 bit
Comment grass

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denm wrote: niceee

Arqmontt wrote: thank you. that´s save me

arkaneng wrote: nice

richard25 wrote: gracias

Patrick22 wrote: thank you

cornerofart wrote: The texture 2.jpg is not found bad material

rogelioguerrero wrote: thanks

aliborji wrote: Amazing !!

victor loretz wrote: muy bueno muchas gracias

carola12 wrote: top

darwinland wrote: please could you explain how to use it. after un zip the file I got many materials apparently all equal, what is the procedure?

vray148 wrote: =

Mysterio2018 wrote: Excellent! Thank you very much!

3dmastergu wrote: that's great at all

mouadm wrote: missing maps :(

locphatvuonggia wrote: wowwwww

artlas wrote: faltan mapas, missing maps :(

Mostudio wrote: wow awesome looks so amazing thanks

maitazaitut wrote: Missing maps :(

tung.chau wrote: fantastic @@

Raviteja wrote: i liked it

milton olivera wrote: gracias muy bueno

oracle22 wrote: Looks nice

fendipm1983 wrote: nice! thx!!

manipl wrote: great! thx!

JuanLujan wrote: awesome!

JuanLujan wrote: awesome!

jincl wrote: This is what I was looking for

n.collazuol wrote: excellent!

oracle22 wrote: Amazing

henri01 wrote: thanks bro

onurbalistic wrote: THANKS

icarojperez wrote: excellent!

psymind wrote: missing maps

kyna013 wrote: missing maps

hormann wrote: excelent

metallenra wrote: This material looks amazing but it does not work with the new V-Ray for Revit.

teterete misterioso wrote: thanks, rated this material with 9 points

RVa wrote: nice job, thanks for share

JESUSRDZ wrote: esta chido

alreno wrote: WORKS PERFECT

lukearh wrote: how to setup this mat? Please help.

wavemop wrote: looks fantastic !

Jeanahb wrote: This looks like an amazing material. Please add the missing maps! :)


brunoesteves wrote: no maps

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

ilai.duran wrote: This is just amazing, beautiful and prefect, keep up the amazing work

anand wrote: where is maps

meodenemr wrote: thank you its very useful for my job

comics26 wrote: missing mapas!!!!

eljanun wrote: missing maps 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg leavestropical0016_s.jpg

bbucher wrote: nice one ;-)

idgeek wrote: no maps... a junk material

kokarokeroll wrote: Nice its help me...,thanks :)

Skips wrote: thanks :)

CaroHerrera wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

priscilapel wrote: Awesome! Thanks for sahre ;)

ChristopherM wrote: maps missing, should add some more info if it works with plugins

artursamenezes wrote: Where is "leavestropical0016_s.jpg"? Thanks in advance to place a fixed url, here. Artur ___________________

anibaljim wrote: thanks

saldi wrote: new here. thanks for this

gkprakasam wrote: Maps are missing

lacague wrote: thnks

themacguy wrote: Looka like an alpine meadow in springtime—add some Edelweiss flowers, and it would be perfection!! Ahhhh… :o}

andiyar wrote: missing material ,,, :(

paulsms wrote: excelente

alblea wrote: show

pakkinen wrote: thanks for the job

sammyciupe wrote: missing maps

samanie wrote: no maps

swenstyle wrote: It's missing maps

hzc70725 wrote: it is cool

123julian123 wrote: need maps...

CESARCESTRA wrote: la imagen se ve bien pero no puedo abrirlos

psyfrost wrote: No maps i don't understand how so much people can say great wonderful ???? Funny but useless

saeid 2154 wrote: thank you

saeid 2154 wrote: thank you

josnirmala wrote: Maps are missing

otraScala wrote: verYgood

Boushan wrote: Thank you !!!!

lumlong wrote: It's missing maps

Armitag3 wrote: I do not understand how this is so highly voted if it has only one out of three mats to make it work.

Rini wrote: unique..like it..:)

sykinfo wrote: need maps

rcscad wrote: Very Great!

timhope wrote: I am new to this forum and really love many of the textures posted up. But why aren't there instructions with these materials or a scene file. If a material requires extra plugins then explain. And there are missing texture maps as well.

tepos105tepos wrote: thanx dud..!

archirj wrote: There is nothing into the mat file. And there is no map file as well

BatulGandhi wrote: this is not working in 3ds max. Please help me with that.Some Microsoft access file is opening.

tengolethal wrote: i will uploud again with gradient map. thanks to all

Aenea wrote: Missing maps!

RobertWF wrote: Hi tengolethal..Your material looks really fantastic to begin with! However, I'm a complete noob when it comes to MultiScatter. How can I create a a grass field like your preview, combined with your texture? Thanks!

tunc wrote: missing maps.!!

jarios07 wrote: Gracias

antonceballos wrote: Loads of missing maps! you should upload it again! it looks amazing in that test

jblee wrote: thanks

rivendel wrote: THANK'S

mastermetrica wrote: Missing MAPS

marckmso wrote: Incomplete

georgia_xou wrote: missing maps

sukhi wrote: nice grass mat

jorgeleyvaortizuadec wrote: muy Buen material a detalle, felicidades colega


billbaker77 wrote: your missing way too much in this material, for that i will rate a 3, for attempt.

rayonedesign wrote: MISSING MAPS

hikaru.arq wrote: the maps are incomplete :(


Culy2010 wrote: rated this material with 6 Points

Culy2010 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

shyamshy wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

matrixv3 wrote: hi good job

matrixv3 wrote: hi

teboms wrote: the maps are incomplete

papapeti wrote: клева)

xumaq wrote: thxs u so much

joelor wrote: this one is so cool!.. thanks for sharing.

ramkle wrote: it havnt bit map

ramkle wrote: it havnt bit map

craigs3d wrote: Ace - I love it wish I could create this...

jasonpierce wrote: also, how would i multiscatter objects that are not bundled in your upload? Not trying to gripe, looks like an awesome material and would like to use.

jasonpierce wrote: I use multiscatter pretty frequently, there are still maps missing; grass, tropical leaf, etc...

L-mo wrote: THANK YOU

is haris wrote: i can't use is..how to use it?

nisandrian wrote: gj ;)

anna 7777 wrote: хороший материал

morsius wrote: Useless

Leocampos82 wrote: Useful material excellent

billibong13 wrote: nice work!

renom2 wrote: :)

herinone wrote: thanks ..very goodd xD

manodehierro200 wrote: maps missing I really put you 1 point

orlandoflowers wrote: Pretty sure there are missing maps, otherwise please explain tengolethal

arnn280 wrote: so stupid that these materials are only for 3ds max. i want to use them in C4D

MRBIG99999 wrote: thanks very good

kkrrion wrote: ojala funcione

jhamesvampire wrote: man how to use it im new and still learning in max hope you can help me

jhamesvampire wrote: man how to use it im new and still learning in max hope you can help me

hooxes wrote: where is the image ?

tengolethal wrote: i said 10 times, this material need multiscatter plugin. sugi have YOU made something? then shut up

sugi (BANNED) wrote: missing textures, badly packed, No material labelling, confusing and has other useless maps mixed in the .mat

Tonaray wrote: Muy buen material tanks

beo wrote: Missing maps!

Rachel89 wrote: Perfect!!!! 10!!!

Brace wrote: Beautiful!!! :)

eadkung wrote: good work

diegoarki wrote: thx , 10 points

pgomez wrote: this deserves 10 points

pgomez wrote: hahaha!!great work!!I was looking for something like this!thankyou!

leopeccini wrote: very nice material, but i think you forgot to pack the textures with it. please do that. THANKS!

rambo anas wrote: nice work

jeevaj wrote: nice

H2Omellon wrote: I love it ;D

chumita84 wrote: greeat

beatriz88 wrote: thanl for this material

Gilmur29 wrote: rated this material 9Points

montoto_sk wrote: Missing maps :/

casaflaca wrote: the best material its great

daxdatal wrote: some map misses

Athomield wrote: rated with 10 :D

flycam wrote: missing textures :(

praveeneleven wrote: Missing texture....

jayyagnik0077 wrote: rated material with 8 points

leoberti wrote: missing textures

sidril wrote: missing texture

no_fear wrote: oooo Missing etxture :(

dexs wrote: yup.. missing texture,, btw.. thx

kaimano3d wrote: Nice material but missing textures

sara said wrote: nice one

kongto99 wrote: really nice

EbolaVirus wrote: sorry... did not mean to vote so lo, my mouse finger slipped... i actually thing its a 10. very sorry about the low vote.. :(

tengolethal wrote: find some tutorial for multiscatter

brazinni wrote: It looks awsome. I have just installed multiscatter but i cant figure out how to combine the material with the plugin :|

bakylan wrote: i can't use it

magolau wrote: best material I've seen so far. Just great

tengolethal wrote: u need MULTISCATTER plugin

deepak3d wrote: not working..... wt to do? pls tell us...

tarek.al313 wrote: there is missing file

roniebernal wrote: nice one

tengolethal wrote: it's work with multiscatter

carllarc wrote: Sadly, it does not work for me either - the preview looks very enticing.

spamgg wrote: Not working

nateshkhanna wrote: not working

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