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Swimmingpool water

  Swimmingpool water by stateofmind

Category Liquid
Date 2006-09-17 06:24:06
Rendertime 00:14:37
System PIV 3.0 MHz | 1 Gb RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Swimmingpool water material

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arturdesamenezes wrote: Look like metal?

amf13 wrote: good mercury)))

marcotomaselli (BANNED) wrote: this is the pool of exterminator 3

josuka wrote: This is not water, is a Mercury Pool. You need to add more refraction

soesantho wrote: for max9?

freedd008 wrote: real

.:::one:::. wrote: Liquid Chrome )))))

damon wrote: It should be "swimming pool metalic water" :P

kingsley wrote: how do get to download this material

aguacero wrote: totalmente metalico

grespigna flavio wrote: Grazie

mihaius wrote: dude, this is no water mat. sorry.. but I have to rate it with about.. 0

gspahr wrote: Chrome.

cage-warp wrote: as a chrome matl. I rate it 8, but since it says water I'm gonna have to rate it 0

beo wrote: Huyase Vodichka O_o

beo wrote: Water??? ХуÑ?Ñ?е водичка O_o

sundancekid wrote: nice .. but chrome. keep tryin

sqatter wrote: what??????????????

sqatter wrote: what??????????????


rojo_campeon wrote: I like this material, but it's chromo

RayOfLight wrote: this is not water - 1 as chrome it would would get a much better score though...


adryancyc wrote: Metalllll :D

uniqueellie1 wrote: metal apperance

jeffreyy wrote: it is chrome

matheuseletric wrote: It lools like a chrome material, sorry, there is no refraction?

dogimo wrote: looks more like chrome or even inox than anything else sorry :(

mitimai wrote: It like cromiam

Levui wrote: water? Completely not transparent? outrageous lie!

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