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  Seawater by Olle_Lukoe

Category Transparent
Date 2011-06-29 17:51:31
Rendertime 00:11:08
System 2 x AMD Opteron 6136 2.4 / 12MB 8C. Ram 16GB. Windows 7 64bit
Vray version V-Ray Adv 2.00.02
3dsmax version 2011
Comment Material of sea water

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hanhsu wrote: THANK SO MUCH

peterpet wrote: hey can you tell me the vray settings because Im working with Rhino. Thanks

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mohamad.e1369 wrote: gooood,tanks

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jgarcia432 wrote: how i can upload tihs to 3ds max...??help

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wanchoke wrote: I unpacked this download but not found vismat. Just found only preview and MS Access shortcut. What should I do?(I'm new) thanks.

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ีusahana wrote: good

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filipemello wrote: Great! Nice work, Thanks! Good end result, with simplicity.

krzysisz wrote: beauty...

Olle_Lukoe wrote: ItsDavidFish! Read it here: http://www.fxfx.org/index.php/2010/12/02/how-to-use-3d-studio-max-v-ray-material-in-maya-v-ray/

mrosaria83 wrote: thank you

Tall_Man wrote: Totally sweet looking water!

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ItsDavidFish wrote: How would I get these materials into the Maya Hypershade?

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