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MAX 2009 + Vray 1.5+, MAX 8 and
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  Concrete by tengolethal

Category Architecture
Date 2011-06-02 19:03:27
Rendertime 00:07:00
System Core 2 duo 2.2, VAIO
Vray version 2.0
3dsmax version 2009
Comment perfect Concrete

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mz43 wrote: good

Magdalini wrote: really nice material!

Garnik72 wrote: 1

Jamie-UK wrote: Non tileable, plus bump map has leaves embedded in it

prisci89 wrote: why leaves??

humcab wrote: Perfecta Textura

meodenemr wrote: thank you

ladimir wrote: good work

modigliani1203 wrote: good

natkagav wrote: cool

MaQuiPe wrote: bueno

Onix wrote: Amazing Material!

slimkat3 wrote: ME GUSTA

diegoalba2787 wrote: good

BenGoble wrote: Not tileable sadly

prashant_kalola wrote: ya perfect concret

melabrague wrote: like it

salaxi wrote: very close to real!

soundball wrote: thank

Lim_Lineage wrote: 9

Naia wrote: Amazing results, very realistic! keep it up ;D

jeremytai wrote: this is awesome

pakiskova wrote: Gracias ^^

Broxbourne wrote: Great!!!

vickyloo wrote: cool

craigs3d wrote: Great concrete

yaelcarmeli wrote: thanks!

hanhsu wrote: thanks a lot my dear

ravibadiani wrote: thank u

arch_cornejo wrote: /kam-sa-ham-nee-da

arq.oscarrangel wrote: good :)

furakonmys wrote: very prefect concrete ^_^

mikynite wrote: That's Very good

nikipad wrote: thank you. 10 points

marieterrible wrote: thank you :)

josetorres wrote: there is a huge material...very nice.

santiagopanozzi wrote: godd

jeziyobz wrote: great

Maestrisimo wrote: esxcelente maestro sigue asi

jaybelle78 wrote: nice

mimilala01 wrote: thanks, it is really good

Venkatesh wrote: very usefull for that materials

ADR90 wrote: NICE


edr007 wrote: perfect

ctrong wrote: ;)

Fira wrote: Vray makes me happy =)

abemart wrote: thank you, its my first download, lets see!

azquai wrote: not tileable, bump with leaves...why? But nice render

kuang63 wrote: Thank you

kuang63 wrote: Thank you

jina wrote: it's my first download.Thnx a lot

omermax wrote: thanks

prestatairea wrote: This is my first download I hope It works. Thnx a lot

Chockmada wrote: thank you :)

zdi wrote: Not tileable, bump map has.... maple leaves?

crisout wrote: Muy bueno!

kar00lka wrote: Thank You very much :)) It's my first professional job with v-ray!

117srini wrote: best concrete material in my library!! thank you!

janekung wrote: thank you .....^^

eng lucinda wrote: nice

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