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  Lumpyness by aheg

Category Unrealistic
Date 2006-09-16 01:02:15
Rendertime 00:15:26
System dell precision m60 laptop, M755 2.1 GHz chip, 2 Gb RAM.
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment messing with the displacement map

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omarito1985 wrote: thanks

freakyyyy wrote: It's looks so real, but 15h and 30min and 8sec OMG what you have done!!!!

Skips wrote: Thanks :)

vertex_gz wrote: very long~:((

mrJv wrote: that would be 15 minutes, not hours. and on a laptop

betzie wrote: weird.. but great hehe

guitargoa wrote: Woah! 15 hours??? Not so useful but nice : )

escanive wrote: Strange. I like that.

mainfram3 wrote: Massa esse material, perfeito!

chandni wrote: wow

Oscaryop wrote: So crazy

270201549 wrote: what? what? what?

rKy wrote: what is this???

pro_pearldrummer wrote: The Herpes Effect o.0

stationmiek wrote: Looks interesting ... if a bit pointless!!

motions wrote: What the?! Strange thing...

Smart wrote: Nice displacement, but I don't understand what does the material do :)

hybridwaz wrote: amnormalllllll nice

stevegek wrote: hehe thats cool :)

Dominik.Martinez wrote: ?

3Dmonster wrote: nice work

sfepa wrote: looks great!

bentrox wrote: thanks, friend.

cami2k wrote: interesante, muy interesante

CADinho wrote: Very Weird ! but thanks

arrival wrote: ???

Levui wrote: Realy that?

monique_1984 wrote: What is that? Hmm...

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