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  HD_leather by Heartdown

Category Organic
Date 2011-02-27 11:58:12
Rendertime 00:02:32
System AMD Phenom II X6 3710Mhz, 8GB RAM
Vray version V-Ray 2.0
3dsmax version 3ds max 2009
Comment Hey all, decided to create a leather material! Waiting reviews

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ducchinh.aro wrote: thank boss

Chantrapps wrote: great :)

kokuw wrote: Great

Yuvy1990 wrote: thank you so much!

harvesh wrote: good work

OrderDESIGNve wrote: ThankYou

dehamz23 wrote: Great, thanks!

matoss19 wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

Kotrin wrote: Thank you so much!

tiam wrote: best leather

fransklinangkor wrote: cool material. you have bad ass skill.

ruudiano wrote: Thank you so much

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

Corleone07 wrote: Really nice !

katuwer wrote: jebac

sunyi5017 wrote: Just waht i want

meminesis wrote: 10

aqull wrote: Wow :)

mahbub wrote: Good performance.

jashuang wrote: great!!!

NAI wrote: Really good and delicate job. Keep it up!

ramsha03 wrote: nice

rbcmas wrote: magnifico!

fdmaschio wrote: VERY GOOD MTL , I just reduced the reflexion a lil bit! TKS A LOT

yesasd wrote: Very Nice!!! Thanks

falaah wrote: its the most wow! material i have seen

aybekdes wrote: awesomeeeeeee!!!

takethepowerback wrote: Thank you!

filipemello wrote: Tks! It looks slightly worn, realistic. Amazing!

freewind wrote: thanks for the cool texture

harnelbe wrote: Tested and approuved ! I've reduced the bump and displace to 4 value and the glossiness to 0.45 with 8 subdive. Thanks Heartdown !

RCCRD wrote: great!!

quimotion wrote: nice one dude...thanks alot

nicklyall88 wrote: Thanks mate needed this

nicklyall88 wrote: Thanks mate needed this

tenken1 wrote: aaawesome buddy! Thanks!

poso wrote: 10

dundas wrote: awesome!

Narkotik wrote: thx) cool)

cgmodeler wrote: Thank you, very illustrative

dr.ne wrote: best leather on website thanks!!!

isaeyeallseeing wrote: wow really nice thanks for the good work keep it up :-)

Howler wrote: Very nicely done

arkitonio wrote: thanks!!!

marron925 wrote: Thanks!

marron925 wrote: Thanks!

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

zdi wrote: Not tileable, ergo, very useless in real-world renderings of bigger objects than the sample scene.

trenoops wrote: Friggin Awesome!!! thanks i needed some real leather

carri89 wrote: awesome!!

collen wrote: nice

darth-gerko wrote: ... dude, you saved my life, very usefull for my furniture!!

azmir wrote: please, help me! is it possible to import .mat into 3D Max 8? how can I do it?

kawzy wrote: Material does not include the necessary bitmaps!

cyh_89 wrote: thanks

X-PanDer wrote: Definitely worth checking out. Nice to see realistic leather that is way too bright. GJ!

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

artsfx wrote: Thanks man ;)

onderb wrote: it has to be cloth section

alexskt07 wrote: Nice, and good work thnx for the matt

tengolethal wrote: very heavy with textures, not good

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