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Illuminated Frosted Glass

  Illuminated Frosted Glass by geckosv

Category Glass
Date 2011-02-25 11:14:06
Rendertime 00:08:10
System PC Intel QuadCore@2.65Mhz, 4Mb RAM, WinXP
Vray version 1.5 SP5
3dsmax version Max Design 2009
Comment A simple Frosted Glass (from vray-materials.de) combined with a simple Vray Light Mtl. Just adjust the Blend amount to make it brighter or turn it off. It's procedural, and GI must be turned on to get the effect of Illuminescense. Example files attached. Hope you like it!

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nidhi panwar wrote: thanks yaar u realy help me,, again thanks n' m giving 10 points

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jhonathan sanchez wrote: es bastante claro este material para pantalla de lamparas

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reneeblundon wrote: you are my knight in shining armor!

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