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  HD_Wood by Heartdown

Category Wood
Date 2011-02-22 16:32:23
Rendertime 00:04:21
System AMD Phenom II X6 3710Mhz, 8GB RAM
Vray version V-Ray 2.0
3dsmax version 3ds max 2009
Comment Hi All! This is my first mat :)

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kouks1990 wrote: perfect material, go on!

Alextitus wrote: really good, a shame the name doesn't mention the essence of the wood ;)

cemaligll wrote: thank you

cemaligll wrote: ????????????

john_condor wrote: thanks

bobcad wrote: Quite cool !

fik3023 wrote: Thank You

fik3023 wrote: Thank You

Irnika2507 wrote: Thank your a lot!

Dandy00 wrote: good tex

syaras wrote: thank you

linhyu207 wrote: thank you

AlessioM wrote: Good! Thx!

DTGD wrote: Thx

Ryukenstein wrote: ty

Marenna 2016 wrote: 9 points

Diamonda wrote: Very nice! I like it

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

nonovik wrote: weno weno

Rukia_f1 wrote: nice

lebkobnaja wrote: good

Yakimoto wrote: nice

w.y wrote: nice

Iszigeti wrote: Vamos a ver como nos va!

el_dimitrovna wrote: look nice.. I want to try it..

D_Alexander wrote: It is good

bianka wrote: thanks

bianka wrote: thanks

gmjh82 wrote: good thanks!!!

Astroid wrote: broken archive

shuradem wrote: nice one !

Jaffri110 wrote: Nice to find this material here....

vrayers wrote: cool materials man thx alot

aerofloto wrote: THANKSS''¡¡

aerofloto wrote: THANKSS''¡¡

nxix wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

igor.ferreira wrote: Hi all! Decorating the house

dr.kyris wrote: nice material dude

bong2x wrote: thanks for sharing and your kindness..

Reinya wrote: many thanks

ataberk97 wrote: Porfect

air9999994 wrote: COOL

miloto wrote: cool

vnvbuho wrote: very good..... good material

alien grey wrote: ddw

clmcdona16 wrote: really good job for your first mat job.. the detailing is very professional

Heartdown wrote: Wood its my Favotite

Heartdown wrote: Thx A lot Banshee !!!!!!!!

oqro88 wrote: good job

Banshee wrote: Hi and welcome! Congratulations, you material is the 2500th material on this site :D Good job with the wood!

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