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  sofa by ides

Category Cloth
Date 2010-10-12 14:41:38
Rendertime 00:15:00
System pentium D 2,8 2gb ram
Vray version 1.50.SP4a
3dsmax version 2009
Comment sofa ^^

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Kotrin wrote: Thank you so much!

merigoonies wrote: archivo dañado :(((

jimlee wrote: Archivo bueno, hay que descomprimir con winzip

jimlee wrote: ARCHIVO DAÑADO

dr_ocadiz wrote: Doesn't work properly u.u .rar is damaged

maria_30779 wrote: Can't extract files :(

sultan1976 wrote: Nice Material ... but can you Upload anotherone can we unrar it plz

k0ot wrote: cant unrar it

paul_crd wrote: Corrupt file...

elyptic wrote: Corrupt ZIP file, plus you can tell by the render that there is no displace on the material.

elyptic wrote: Corrupt ZIP file, plus you can tell by the render that there is no displace on the material.

jackbest wrote: very good

polmusak wrote: cool

joecare480 wrote: corrupt folders for me...

souhail wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

dinamoon wrote: excellent

sanipaun wrote: Excelent!

Jaffri110 wrote: Nice to find this material here....

raju3d wrote: wow

kuzzma84 wrote: битый

ืnatnon wrote: good

Yong1984 wrote: how to open

barisgk wrote: no zip?

RivaDwi wrote: it could not open

amjadddr2 wrote: nice one

nicolasaubree wrote: You can easely do better !!!!!!!! This must be your First attempt to make " chesterfield leather". Where's the polished, deep buttoned of chesterfield leather? PLEASE GO AND SEE : chesterfield leather (REVISED) by stephenjone5

odedios wrote: it doesn´t work

kaiuuy1031 wrote: thanks!!

Angel Blanco wrote: rated this material whit 5 points

catiacoelho wrote: and for sketchup 8???

cqzcqy wrote: yes

youri wrote: unzip of this file is impossible. Unknown error

BinaryN3wZ wrote: I have downloaded this several times, but the .zip seems to be corrupted.

y506116924 wrote: can choose one part for whole one,~~~hah

hesam_vray wrote: braaaaaaaaavo

eckoxy wrote: goood:D

hellyas wrote: sorry but has no displace or bump, and it doesn'y look like leather or cloth

santogb wrote: Thank !!!

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