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Black metal

  Black metal by kajuzas

Category Metal
Date 2010-10-03 16:44:22
Rendertime 00:04:26
System amd x2
Vray version 1.5sp5
3dsmax version 2011
Comment I have used it on old things, looked nice. Hope you like it.

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Poncezillo wrote: Nice material

adam34 wrote: thanks

telvin79 wrote: thanks

autobags00 wrote: nice

alexringo12 wrote: nice

alexajaninesamantha wrote: Thanks

germancm wrote: Thanks!

kennethan wrote: thank you!

designer.interior22 wrote: thank u

MarlonRios10 wrote: Great

ATC wrote: grest for old fireplace

hpf wrote: great

louiesbuan wrote: nice work

dabeat.gr wrote: Thanks a lot

Double Y wrote: like it

Pinar Bulut wrote: like it

AngelikiSpanou wrote: Hello how can i do more black?

Nachtamar wrote: This is a really good material, but I had some trouble at first like some people I see here. What I did was inverting Map #1 (reflection map) in the output tab, then enabled color map and tweaked it until it looked cool.

docspy wrote: thanks

ismlkna wrote: te?ekkrler

Bobon wrote: It just renders as light grey, kind of looks like concrete... Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Bobon wrote: It just renders as light grey, kind of looks like concrete... Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

msvera wrote: Thankx

anthonyatuanbaui wrote: nice

touchscreen22 wrote: good

zoeme2 wrote: thanx

mateussartori wrote: thaks!

ejaz ul haq wrote: very good thanks brother, may the force be with you and your soul

rcui0324 wrote: thx

zoeme2 wrote: thanx

juj0590 wrote: thank you

richichili wrote: gracias

schreck wrote: cool thanks a lot!!!

doheen wrote: thx

alicenkboy wrote: good

Ahmedzuz wrote: great

squidgybod wrote: Very nice thanks.

breaki wrote: Nice!!!

ibahaaz wrote: nice


doctorsweety wrote: Nice !!

gabisouzal wrote: doesn't work

ripperz wrote: thanks

yanaungmin wrote: THANKS

debug wrote: thankyou for your material

osferal wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

alipower wrote: bump is some high. but nice

Marenna 2016 wrote: 8 points

Nurgül wrote: hiç bir zaman beceremediğim siyah metal.süpeeer :D

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

kare81 wrote: thanks very much

taoss wrote: rated this material with 10 Points 

andressare wrote: thank you, i really need this material

KomalAAA wrote: This is wonderful; just what i need

victor_molala wrote: gd thx

asdqwe wrote: awesome man~\

khomaniac wrote: awesome!

gorgojob wrote: Looks great for the purpose..old iron material for gates

aeahfdintern01 wrote: I only seem to get a microsoft access table.... no material... Help?

ainee872 wrote: nice!

migueru wrote: esta bueno

realist0228 wrote: good!

terciosilva wrote: teffaffgg

parlor wrote: Great work! thank u

arq.rafa123 wrote: Its fantastic, to aplic in a wall

yzn88 wrote: good

Odeveku wrote: nice!

yesasd wrote: Very Nice!!! Thanks

johanalfort wrote: Thank you very much! Works great!

CVF25 wrote: thank uuu

soundball wrote: thank

maxsanchez711 wrote: love it

paruyan wrote: good work

Lim_Lineage wrote: nice

moonsun1688 wrote: Thank you!!

prasadparab45 wrote: 8points

Fira wrote: very realist

crownclown wrote: sorry maybe i am a newbie but i think it's look like a stone material

marcusneves wrote: aawesome!

Mister-M wrote: nice

mukulnegi wrote: nice mat. thnx..

gautam.own wrote: thanks!!

jarakbay wrote: thanks

bong2x wrote: thanks for sharing and your kindness..

Mister-M wrote: nicely done!

tipasz wrote: looks like a stone to me

mavimetre wrote: deneyeliö

myjewel wrote: Thank you

baki62 wrote: thank you!

judabne wrote: thx. very good one

Karmajf wrote: Don't know if I did something wrong, but it didn't worked, it shows a gray color

TinoBambino wrote: Muy guapo!

Elvan wrote: Thanks!

afrimedia wrote: thanx

mimore_mir wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

jinxson011 wrote: Thanks!

fontejonl wrote: tnxx

fontejonl wrote: tnxx

Minime22 wrote: Thank you~

sofia.la wrote: Very nice, thanks.

kpost392 wrote: Illmatic like Nas

angryphoton91 wrote: the material is not working properly, it just says JPEG in a couple of the bitmap slots

MonoHinojosa wrote: Good...

karthick_241187 wrote: I would like to have BLACK CHROMIC Material could u just tell me where to get it

marianoezekielc wrote: perfect!

drgadget wrote: how do you use this on vray for rhino?

Diomideia wrote: sweet black metal

leejaehoon wrote: awesome!

liyokikon wrote: damn cool!!

Travinka wrote: thanks!

papatd wrote: very nice mat, i was looking for that kind of metal !

infographiste wrote: thank u very mush

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