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Black slate

  Black slate by vazduhuri

Category Architecture
Date 2010-06-24 14:39:03
Rendertime 00:11:49
System Intel core 2 duo @ 3,15 GHz, 2 Giga ram.
Vray version 1.50 sp2
3dsmax version 2009
Comment Pavement, made from argillite (black slate) tiles. It\'s a black sedimentary rock, with medium reflectance.

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guilli.freire wrote: Nice!!

emdm27 wrote: THANKZ!

CuberoG wrote: Thank you so much!

marakis wrote: thanks!

recruitment ongko wrote: THANKS

dube0167 wrote: This works FANTASTICALLY w/ mild displacement - thank you very much!! :)

sahilamb wrote: cool

paulako wrote: zenkiu_!

gebrunn312 wrote: NICE TEXTURE

jjhuang123 wrote: good

maine123 wrote: thank you!

ichirou163 wrote: Nice texture

necropolis wrote: this is a nice material congrats

meodenemr wrote: thank you

atillasa wrote: thanks

Onix wrote: Nice work!

shawnish wrote: wow

lalouiz wrote: very good ! thanks

divo wrote: Nicely done!

shimizaki wrote: Beautiful

ryersonarch wrote: lol

jonkeyr_2 wrote: ok

Cyanhide wrote: B E A U tiffull :)

RezaKatachi wrote: Nice material :)

Jellemer wrote: Slick!

ttvibes wrote: Thank you for your time! you make internet what it is! : )

nepumuk wrote: nice!

.:::one:::. wrote: amazing

luizpaulolima_arq wrote: show de bola

imad123 wrote: Ok the Material is GREAT like the Image here is amazing this exactly what i wanted! but i dont know who to use it.. please can anyone help me THANKS

detarenji wrote: this is PERFECT !!

aidualch wrote: nice floor material!

Capiditutticapi wrote: good :D

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

alexskt07 wrote: good matt :D

alexskt07 wrote: good matt, thanx

arqte wrote: greate

mauri10 wrote: thank :)

kamesama wrote: wow... like it.. thanks

pipatpreedee2 wrote: good

riwanika wrote: really good looking, imma try it out right now!

vazduhuri wrote: Thank you all for the appreciation! Yes, the material is 100% tileable.

Pirog123 wrote: Excellent!! tileable?

mitrawithfriend wrote: ok

tatami wrote: good

Raigoki wrote: exactly what i need now... rated this material 10 points

natzki wrote: very nice!

facuscar78 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

panda78 wrote: muy buen material

anna_cllara wrote: very good!!!

polotime wrote: good

eslam_basto wrote: goooooooooood

pierrelamerde wrote: perfect

S.Riddick wrote: nice.. very nice... needed this one last week.. but i like it anyway!

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