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air bubble plastic 01

  air bubble plastic 01 by godchilla

Category Plastics
Date 2006-08-28 21:48:56
Rendertime 00:11:45
System AMD X2 2400MHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment not final

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sakin wrote: thanks

rlarbgmldla wrote: thank you

kokuw wrote: wow!

mariafouli wrote: thank you

atjho wrote: cool! thanks!

elhuron76 wrote: super cool! thanks!

aftafimls wrote: It+s great that you are shearing this thanks a lot lol

hotgrafx wrote: Just noticed: Bubbles don't show in Vray 2.4 If I use Displacement map for the "noise-bubble-bitmap" it looks to irregular and very peaky.

hotgrafx wrote: Very cool!!!

freakyyyy wrote: Best air bubble material ever!!!! thank you!! for good work!!

ARQ PAREDES wrote: very good

lwjgrace wrote: I looooooooooooooooooove this website...awesome!!!!!!!

Icestiens wrote: you cool..

xeon_hl2 wrote: wow, great material, good job.

meche wrote: thnks

1bochkoff wrote: not final

izetix wrote: wow!!!

kyoshiro wrote: realistiz

menthdy wrote: =)

rodrigolider12 wrote: awesome!!!

samu_eyes wrote: terimakasih

karyagagal wrote: good

elphoma wrote: increible

sali21 wrote: nice

ploteoq wrote: awesome thank you

Bino wrote: amazing

Kitsune wrote: WoW It's incredible. Good job, it's really perfect. ;)

fa-mo wrote: thank you

fa-mo wrote: thank you

mibelgue wrote: a 10! congrats, great one. (and i don´t understand those who rate it under 8...)

hunabku wrote: i think the bubbles aren't round enough... otherwise i love the material =)

VolosBlur wrote: VolosBlur rated this material with 10 Points

chandni wrote: coollllllllllllllllllllll

Alfpoyer wrote: Yeah!,Yeah!,Yeah!!!! I need It thanks! ;))

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Good Idea! Pop!... pop!... Pop! Pop!... Popopopopopopop ! :o-)

alex84daniel wrote: i am the only stupid one around here ? this material doesnt work with 3ds max 8 , vray 1.5.rc2 advanced...it apears like a transparent material , no bubbles ... any suggestion ?!!!

dedbanzai wrote: good stuff

xplight wrote: ничотак ;)

skaredy wrote: oh my god

kiteflyer wrote: wow thanks

rotav wrote: it is great bravo!!

cyy wrote: THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D this really help student like me. once again thank you very much, :D

leoarch wrote: VERY GOOD

stevegek wrote: very well done!

kakachu wrote: 非常好~~~

ApeiNe wrote: This material is freakin awesome o: Thanks dude !

weberson wrote: Great work!

tarkus wrote: well done! this is by far one of the most impressive materials i have seen. excellent work

jrheaps wrote: looks great

mrgres wrote: blimey charley...

NOTORIOUS.ro wrote: You have been granted imortality through this material! I am not worthy... but thanks! :D

noob-saibot wrote: awesome! :D:D:D

kernfxsk wrote: This is amazing work....

frederick2501 wrote: ooo my... coollll.....

Ali Kheradmand wrote: wow .... is it really just a render !

Junja wrote: cool!!!!!!

pigfat wrote: Excellent Texture!!

Nerissa wrote: Photoreal!

Cheshirsky wrote: Nice mat! Cool work! :))

lila wrote: cannot believe it is a render!

jerychang wrote: I wonder how can you make such real meterial,can you post a tutorial for us?

maxdark wrote: ow man is this real :)

saiko wrote: this is really cool!

carlty wrote: nice job hope u can teach me how to create vray materials good work

lzanlorenzi wrote: just perfect

CADinho wrote: Thank You !!!

aviva wrote: WOW!

polipop wrote: amazing

vickyalvarez wrote: INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

gorfeas wrote: wow you really got it!

[HP] wrote: fantastic!!

malockbt wrote: muie bones

pianoman3d wrote: very nice material

then wrote: ah super cool . =) cred to you

thissa wrote: realy cool ~~~~

arapisq wrote: Excellent Texture!! Excellent Matt!!

diegoneze wrote: Excellent Texture!!

epidemic wrote: congratulations! excellent work!

liberator wrote: Excellent material - Thanks!

RIQUELMEX wrote: maasallah ! very nice

Austin Miushi wrote: Just great!

fmell wrote: very good

yinrong00 wrote: good

mitmit wrote: great

dmv007 wrote: Brilliant!!!

Mersus wrote: Отлично! Зачет!!!

alex wrote: great idea!

hittokiri wrote: really great work !

eMatoS wrote: Awesom texture!!!! Thanxs for sharing.

myj2008 wrote: good

hegmar wrote: coolest!

cateyes wrote: i dont have words, great work, thanks

Stefan_Ulrich128 wrote: really cool

Angryman wrote: Awesommme ^^But did u change the Lightsettings of the scene??? In my case (Max8, Vray 1.4..) it returns overbright ?

Shak wrote: great work

Raginlamb wrote: awesome!

greg04 wrote: renders as vray_aluminum

dogimo wrote: wow!

marine765 wrote: Very Good ^^

pengo wrote: nice

farbkorn wrote: rare stuff !!!

zahir3d wrote: good work!

ddnox wrote: realy cool stuff :)

Banshee wrote: Geilo :D

PhotonC wrote: Thanx for sharing the render has some splotches and that generated bad comments on the noisy render engine forum, by mistake i posted the same on the styrofoam material, sorry, and thanks again .

Al from Hell wrote: oh i love this one, cool work!

carcassrulez wrote: lol :P great

bakbek wrote: Great stuff

Thomaskl wrote: pop-folie :-)

Marco wrote: Awesome if you ask me :D *PLOPP* :*)

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