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Burnt pineapple

  Burnt pineapple by ccybul001

Category Food
Date 2010-03-24 22:18:33
Rendertime 00:55:28
System amd 1.8ghz
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment trying to make food textures please leave comments

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jarakbay wrote: muchas gracias


copycat wrote: Amleto, let me start by saying that I really like your materials and appreciate you sharing your work. Now, since I'm the one that voted 2, I want to express my motivations. Firstly, is there a code of conduCT or an unwritten rule where it states I can't vote a number that is obviously available to vote? Secondly, how can you see this material as good, useful or trascendental? It may of course have taken time and effort to do, but it does not look like a pineapple (or a burnt one for that matter), the pattern is extremely repetitive and with a useless hue of colours. I absolutely cannot see how I would ever end up using this material in ANY application. Also, it's just composed of a kaleidoscope-like diffuse and a very basic monochrome bump. I'm sorry. I stand by my vote because albeit this website is fantastic to help improve rendering and skills, it is also full of meaningless experimental materials.

Amleto74 wrote: I really do not understand those who vote a material with 1 or 2 points... Envy? Ignorance? Shame! If you do not have to make another attempt to make a material alone! But perhaps you are not capable! But the Site Administrators do nothing? If this continues I will take away all my material and take it for me!

xXnardoXx wrote: mmmmmm falta algo....

onderb wrote: ahahahahah hey guy this me not ccybul001 bcs i am addicted of this web every day maybe 20 times i check this site from my bookmarks

ccybul001 wrote: onderb has a website and i do not

ccybul001 wrote: i am not voteing for myself i only have one account

copycat wrote: stop voting for yourself with username "onderb"

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