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Watch INOX Metal by AMLETO74

  Watch INOX Metal by AMLETO74 by Amleto74

Category Metal
Date 2010-02-20 19:51:15
Rendertime 00:07:06
System Intel Quad-8 Gb Ram-NVidia GForce 9800
Vray version 1.50.SP2
3dsmax version -
Comment Watch INOX Metal anisotropic - Good for me!

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gioviv wrote: amazing stuff

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toto88 wrote: really good!

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peyto wrote: shouldn't there be an HDR file along with the mat?? (there's not one in the zip)

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Amleto74 wrote: But the Site Administrators do nothing? If this continues I will take away all my material and take it for me!

Amleto74 wrote: I really do not understand those who vote a material with 2 points... Envy? Ignorance? Shame! If you do not have to make another attempt to make a material alone! But perhaps you are not capable!

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