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Hi Res Grass

  Hi Res Grass by jornveld

Category V-Ray Fur
Date 2010-01-20 15:39:42
Rendertime 00:31:53
System Intell Quadcore 2,4 Ghz
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment Detail grass with vray fur. Fur param inc. for faster renders downsize the texture

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stanley_bech wrote: It's perfect, thanks!

aboedhi wrote: love this...perfect..!!

immeet wrote: Good

jhenich wrote: Hi. thanks for this one, ill go to try it.

Abyad wrote: how do I use this material to look realistic ??

Abyad wrote: how do I use this material to look realistic ??

diogenes.lr wrote: Sensacional!

thecrayzy wrote: good

ahmadkhan wrote: good

vntrinh90 wrote: thanks

licheng wrote: thanks

Chalstolen wrote: nice

Smit_Tim_ wrote: SupeRRR!!!

kogerakis wrote: :)

Tshushant wrote: It's really helpful for me. :)

shark_221 wrote: Looks really good

papillon125 wrote: thanks

outlaws15 wrote: thank you buddy!

outlaws15 wrote: thank you buddy!

vaanilmirth wrote: Thank you

a7medelsayed wrote: Thank you

Daradudai wrote: Thank you

arc.yora wrote: thanks pro

Skips wrote: thanks :)

Skips wrote: thanks :)

koikoza wrote: thx

DavidZuren wrote: i cant get it to work... it looks like if it was glowing :(

kleytoncardoso wrote: nice

Vailyen wrote: How do I get the material to apply correctly?

leonchen35 wrote: good one

hwangseoungryong wrote: sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsf

alinho1991 wrote: fantastic material

alinho1991 wrote: wowwwwwwwww

alinho1991 wrote: wooow

shaaf wrote: mantap bro

dalia alsalama wrote: good

enzothegame wrote: Fantastic!

enas82 wrote: thx

yaya34 wrote: tesekkur

kriss24kar wrote: Can this material be imported into sketchup for vray for sketchup?

Hawler wrote: Please answer me.....how can i use .mat file???? whats this??

borikkua wrote: this is best

goofygrape wrote: this is going to good stuff

priteshpmori wrote: very nice

hionikel wrote: merci

matrixv3 wrote: good job

matrixv3 wrote: good job

matrixv3 wrote: good job

artmax wrote: so cool ::D

artmax wrote: so cool ::D

Krupskaya wrote: very nice job, I like it!!

HUSEYN wrote: eladir

cjaleco wrote: hot!!!!!!!! 10 points good for green architecture

alex_bianconero wrote: genial!

alex_bianconero wrote: genial!

soudocoxa wrote: Excellent

Pollez wrote: Perfect

omar_almudaries wrote: Thanks

edwindekuiper wrote: did not add a configuration file

ryo_linkin_park wrote: this shit crash my computer 8 core processor 4 graphic card 24 gb ram

shibli77 wrote: thanks it is perfect

ko5tak3 wrote: srt

virusofdark wrote: nice 10

gavdaman88 wrote: Just what I needed, thanks!

tharshan wrote: I love this material. Thanks mate!

meenuchoco wrote: Its really too good & I saw first time with detail .

Halison wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

HP wrote: great!

by_ozg wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

bbbeto182 wrote: COOL BRO !!

rhoup wrote: nice,,,^_^

millaray wrote: regio

josephm73 wrote: Awesome!

philippaccarangan wrote: wow!

Rita Baltasar wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

baezuka wrote: very detail, thanks

patysia2 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

tony_zxz wrote: good

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

nihouda wrote: thanks

Primusnoctem wrote: thank you !

liquify wrote: thanks a lot

apolaki wrote: very useful thanks

mattyde wrote: love it 10

detarenji wrote: i like it.. :)

er_kashyap wrote: rated this material with 9 points

elif1704 wrote: 9

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elvelinsa wrote: good !thank you !

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maxvray wrote: rated this material with 10 points

Arkipao13 wrote: rated this material with 10 points

dana mohd wrote: very nice :)

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dianaotero wrote: omg.. love this grass!!!

arsazal wrote: nice

stu3691 wrote: Perfect!!!!!

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lucecita1 wrote: muy bueno

aanzures wrote: thats what i need

Magnus123 wrote: THX

sjworld wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

hafsha wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

hafsha wrote: i like it

akk33 wrote: süper


kienkor86 wrote: ^^ thanks

xazaros wrote: 10

sugeshms wrote: Vray grass I needed very Urgently

mrthuan wrote: nice

cacaroto5a wrote: gracias por el aporte

bowesy wrote: wow!! looks real good!!!!

orcas wrote: wow, what can i say incredible for macro shots---very cool

person0000 wrote: too slow, use carefully. but incredible in short distances

martian_aphid wrote: looks awesome

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