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  Grass_VrayFur by chachajc

Category Organic
Date 2010-01-14 15:43:43
Rendertime 00:11:24
System intel core 2 quad cpu q9100 2,26GHZ 2,27 GHZ, Ram 4 go,ATI radeon 3870 HD 512mo
Vray version 1.5 rc5
3dsmax version max9
Comment Some Grass with VrayFur, I put the max file in.

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cornerofart wrote: 3d max file and the material is not working.

n1984 wrote: nice thank you

dilvish06 wrote: thank you

ripollez wrote: gracias

diz1 wrote: SPASIBO BRATAN

sane4qa wrote: thank you so much!

chemso59 wrote: wooow

sannsama wrote: great, thanks!

Mc Wolf84 wrote: Increible, excelsior ¡¡¡¡¡

katysha wrote: beautiful! thank you! :D

gabovraycun wrote: gracias comunidad!!!

samsoum15 wrote: nice )

suleymankasap wrote: nice bro

martaseverino1 wrote: please update to new max version! anyway it works :0

metallenra wrote: This material looks amazing but it is too bad that it does not work with the new V-Ray for Revit.

moatassem wrote: 10

NimRhan wrote: Nice!!!!!! Thanks for work

rayon76 wrote: It´s not a material, it´s a scene.

andrezzamudio wrote: Como se importa!! no me funciona... ayuda

Kamuss79 wrote: excelente parece pasto chino

historique wrote: doesnt work!

walidRC wrote: 3ds max 2012

tienmomo wrote: This is Amazing! I have always wanted to learn how to make this shader!

amirov wrote: 2

amento wrote: very good!


paulsms wrote: probando este material

creatingideas wrote: great stuff

melgermand wrote: nicely done!

raider1st wrote: and the material , chk it please

saironmaironwairon wrote: Thanks!

arch.babe wrote: likee

spow525 wrote: I'll Try, Thank a lot

xhensuie wrote: thanks a lot

abcd49789 wrote: thank you so much

neisyatara wrote: thxx

akaba wrote: amazing!

Manlorgue wrote: muy bueno, si señor

iris13.2 wrote: SUPER NIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!

khosro_shirin wrote: it is a max file. where is the material?

lonchoman wrote: thanks!

dd8877 wrote: thank

macris_langga wrote: i love this!

Ashkan wrote: can i use this for sketchup vray??

videoconan wrote: WOW

blk_aq wrote: thnks mate!

darkittie wrote: ♥♥♥ tnx

zcevey wrote: excelente! 10

snakebite9504 wrote: this is 100% the best of all vray materials i ever used.

icko wrote: too bad don't have enough core in my rig but still i give it a 10

AndreA archi wrote: not valid for vismat

kunilanskap wrote: fantastic

josephm73 wrote: Crazy Good!

seyhan701 wrote: files are missing

arquenz wrote: looks really good

kimmitahashi wrote: Zairyo wa, hijo ni yoku okonawa reru oiwai

ta-pone wrote: ^^

tarek.al313 wrote: I apologize for what to write earlier, inadvertently .....10points

tarek.al313 wrote: it doesn't work the extension file types is max not mat

rayenanahi wrote: 10 points

memo3d wrote: Good!

JCarqpena wrote: This material is great

mrozio wrote: looks really great!

dusia90 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

jinxson011 wrote: Thanks

florgu wrote: very nice! thank you

DearGod wrote: thanks

serhio-80 wrote: Dandelion_leafs http://www.vray-materials.de/all_materials.php?mat=2454

Aquiles wrote: very nice

zilvinas wrote: goody, made me lough first time I saw it, but it's realy great mtrl!

zilvinas wrote: goody, made me lough first time I saw it, but it's realy great mtrl!

ninashahrokhi2 wrote: This is the exact website I was searching longtime and finally I found it. Thanks alot for sharing this useful and unique materials.

sachinmadathingal wrote: thanks

noname123 wrote: nice

allen wrote: ok

jophet wrote: rated this material with 10 Points


kira1982 wrote: very good this amterial

prorabnik wrote: 453763

kenner wrote: please instructions? thanks and sorry...

indulaj wrote: wooow....this is very nice......love v ray....

biszopek wrote: Thank you! :D I give it a 10 Points.

ninoshka wrote: i meant to give it a 10. thank u for the material!

Anisovic wrote: thanks u're really helping me :)

r1k3r wrote: Nice grass. Thanks.

Jack89 wrote: Awesome!

gumzzz wrote: waw.. this is what i need

gloss wrote: nice!!!

aerdnsinoda wrote: Thank you! :D

dapre3d wrote: excellent!!!!

el_vil16 wrote: grate!

ryooki wrote: cool

illinoth wrote: congratulations bro

eska wrote: 9 puntos

uriar13 wrote: hola

mukeshkariyil wrote: excellent

dcabrg wrote: Awesome!! Thank you very much. ;)

SleeperTV wrote: super

arqmario wrote: el material es perfecto para el renderizado de cesped

mr.darkroom wrote: nice man cong.

akiklapute wrote: nice !!

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