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Granite Black Polished

  Granite Black Polished by rmejia

Category Stone
Date 2010-01-08 04:22:50
Rendertime 00:05:15
System Intel Xeon 2.80 GHz (8 core)
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 2010
Comment Black Granite countertop for kitchens.

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marthachuckles wrote: bonita textura

Patrick22 wrote: good

arqeros wrote: me agrada <3

marakis wrote: thanks!

aygunburak wrote: cool

Ausjani71 wrote: great

Sunnyd79 wrote: thanks

rsx459 wrote: Cool!

kubismin wrote: thank you

alinepeiter wrote: great

yesica13 wrote: cool

barrins wrote: Great!!

chemakara wrote: thank you

coco_parry wrote: cool! thank you

Dc47 wrote: thnx

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

dongylam wrote: it's so real, I'm so happy to apply it on my work, thank you a lot!

Dina1989 wrote: Nice

karakas34 wrote: amasiingg !

rickm12 wrote: tks

renatocevallos wrote: sorry i meant to rate it with 10 buti missedthe button :(

darrenben wrote: Great thank u

2pee wrote: amasing

chikimaz wrote: THANK YOU

raymondjvp wrote: excelente

cristaputri wrote: cool

jmaroneze wrote: cool

kako2006 wrote: nr

insomnio13 wrote: cool!

adh398 wrote: thk

adh398 wrote: thk

lelinhson wrote: great

sehzade9 wrote: thanks

ouenaja wrote: thk

aoncon wrote: thk :)

mfarooqhayat62 wrote: lovely material

emresehzade wrote: thank you

butamacho wrote: Very good material

arch.majid wrote: sooo good

sofixz wrote: used for Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall project

hadykotta wrote: rated this material with 10 points

M_gd wrote: I like that

allen_bakemono wrote: nice so yoo

sabuynor wrote: nice

Lim_Lineage wrote: nice

Lim_Lineage wrote: nice

ics1 wrote: 1

manjunath.m12 wrote: bvb

oannes wrote: very good texture!

silviacandra wrote: why it not become black ??

prinsas wrote: thankz man

sergio.archi wrote: My max 9 app crashes every time i run this beautiful material =(

WarOFFema wrote: Nice one!


khaliqazizi99 wrote: srry new to vray, how can i use this file, its not vismat

pierresammy1 wrote: Thank you so much!

pierresammy1 wrote: Thank you so much!

admynx wrote: i was long time looking for an good black polished texture and your texture is awesome! THANKS ALOT!

Cristina.Astorga wrote: cool

Lim_Lineage wrote: nice

rad3n_andi wrote: good materials 10 points

amitavachandra wrote: the material is good ... but when i use vray sun it all became yellow... no texture effect nothing... what will be the light setting???? i am using v ray for 4 months .. please help

persal wrote: 3d max is carcking when Y input this material???/

youoneadama wrote: what a nice

kid_in_the_coffin wrote: Beautiful!

Firagon wrote: Great material, really useful, but it could be a little less black. anyway it was nicely done

rhlkvr15 wrote: thanks a lot buddy....

huynhnea wrote: Thanks a lot!

magabi wrote: sería buenísimo si lo suben con una versión anterior

magabi wrote: se me cierra el 3dmax cada vez que quiero abrir este material, una lástima! porque se ve muy lindo

pondpapper wrote: good

360Degreez wrote: Please get this .mat offline, max keep crashing when attempting to load.

Destrae wrote: Beautiful!

davidplato wrote: thank you so much!!

kaelthas18 wrote: nice

aidatabilin wrote: thanks

ClipperMD wrote: Im a noob with 3D modelling. I spend most of my time just marvelling at these amazing works hahaha.

ajisjoseph wrote: thank u ....

rakaadianlaksmono wrote: nice one, been a help for a deadlne project

arndegothia wrote: let's try it¡

Oongthong wrote: thank you so mush

wwwirus wrote: i like it, it's the same as my kitchen work table , very nice!

zayel3004 wrote: its a beautiful material!! thanks

chan8547 wrote: Very Nice, thx so much!

pazita wrote: genial

rocky6115 wrote: this site is so good ...i can say now..my vary materials search is over now....thnx for alll

findamir wrote: Awesome. I used it with MR and looks pretty cool! THANKS!

findamir wrote: Awesome. I used it with MR and looks pretty cool! THANKS!

romero wrote: very nice thanks bro

kuroiei wrote: Same here, 3ds max 2009 64bit - crash while loading the material. :(

RodC wrote: thanks rm

danish45 wrote: nice, make 3dsmax crash when opened in 3dsmax 2009

saepro wrote: how do we use this in max i dont understand

saepro wrote: how do we use this in max i dont understand

jbshim88 wrote: this would be great wow loving every moment of my life

360Degreez wrote: I have the same crash problem. When loading your Mat, Mx hangs for about 4 seconds and crashes. The preview looks good though ;-)

sberlin2007 wrote: hi how are you

gundam8090 wrote: thanks!!

bongskiz wrote: thanks for the share so nice

qais mohammed wrote: thanks appreciate it ... it's very helpfull... :)

zhm1363 wrote: unfortunately everytime i try to load this material, my max crashes :(

dcabrg wrote: very good

vitalieSau wrote: v. cool mtl

PARANYOO wrote: very good materail

ecemi wrote: thanks.but i have a problem how to use these materials.if anyone knows it please explain it for me.even you can sent explain to my imail adress.sadiqov@live.com.tanks from azerbaijan to everyone

ming1986 wrote: thank you very much

ALAOUI-O wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

MichaKirschbaum wrote: thanx man, you safed my ass

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