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  snowball by pietras_25

Category Special Effects
Date 2009-12-17 14:51:03
Rendertime 00:16:54
System quad
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment ....And happy New Year ;)

Sorry for "little" scene modification, but isn\'t it sweet? :P

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Moochacho wrote: Yeah it's really sweet! Thank you very much!!!

mariafouli wrote: thank u :)

s9160920 wrote: thanks~

niwatori-sama wrote: Thank you !

jarakbay wrote: thanxxx!

freakyyyy wrote: Awesome....

Francky3D wrote: great, I like it ! thanks ...;)

Francky3D wrote: great, I like it ! thanks ...;)

uturn wrote: cool

1983nightcrawler wrote: yeah prety cute one :D

huynhnea wrote: Thank you!

karovil wrote: great!!

pietras_25 wrote: jinia0410 not this material dude :] check it again. Theres no jpg needed.

enkhtur wrote: hi thanks. I'am national mongolia. I'dont very bad undestand you

jinia0410 wrote: where is snow03.jpg

hsyntkk wrote: nice

blubloodsx wrote: cute.. thanks,

ronav wrote: excellent work

ricg2005 wrote: Realy Cool

facetoface.gr wrote: its funny

renderman7 wrote: so cute!!! how you do that?

DonZaucher wrote: Nice!

shafeekcv wrote: 4 good lighting

hayart wrote: 12

hayart wrote: 12

hayart wrote: 12

hayart wrote: et

kienkor86 wrote: ^^ thank you, it's lovable


zsm1981 wrote: dgd

skywalker_Fk wrote: this is not useful anymore buddy

sreedhararao wrote: It is nice............ Good tutorial

Banshee wrote: happy new year to you as well :-)

pietras_25 wrote: there is ZIp file with mat. library: snow, ice, plastics, glass. It has not threw out by moderators. Where problem izz? thx and happy NY all

mihaius wrote: this site is for materials, dude

Need_Help wrote: Looks nice :) Merry Christmas everyone!

kaci wrote: mihaius rated with 4 I can't imagine why absolutely 10!!

yajiko wrote: cool! merry xmas

nj3dguy wrote: superb! merry christmas

Banshee wrote: :-) sweet yes, but I move it to special effects (modifications should be posted there)

Papigiulio wrote: Hah I love it :) 10*

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