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Perforated sheet 3

  Perforated sheet 3 by coudreaur08

Category Metal
Date 2006-09-13 12:59:02
Rendertime 00:55:00
System P4 3Ghz 2Go RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Perforated sheet metal

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norachang0909 wrote: Help a lot! Thanks!

jackst2 wrote: ?????~!~!

architebs wrote: no vismat file :)

kokuw wrote: thanx

rhino3d wrote: Also need the Vismat File! Just got JPEGS and Microsoft Word file?! Please send it to rhino3d@web.de, thnak you!!

pedroluciocm wrote: hahahaha

jess_mak wrote: absolutely fantastic material.. thank you.. :)

blackwof85 wrote: great creation!! 10

blackwof85 wrote: great creation!! 10

ljokix wrote: can you send me the vismat format if this material has one? email ljokix@comcast.net

jherr wrote: Send me this in vismat format please!!! :S I need it

4eyedbeard wrote: awesome! been looking for this!

nschapira wrote: how can i get this material in a vismat format? can you email me at nschapira@uliwagner.com??

yonathanarq wrote: excelente

afrranda wrote: nice!

victoriaschz wrote: i cant use it, the vismat archive doesnt exist

danyk_nest wrote: thanks!

ferioperz wrote: mbruttito verooooooooo

shihui1004 wrote: good!

arix_07 wrote: thanks!

superliubei wrote: thankyou !

Whills wrote: 10ks 4 posting this material, I'll use it for a washer drum... Thanks again!!!

nelsenpartners wrote: thanks! i've been looking for this material for awhile.

jordiant wrote: Thanksss

akenlas wrote: Thanks,love it.

Hannah wrote: Thanks! But anyone know hot to make it in Rhino4?

LOR wrote: Thanks you so much!!

leonardotnd wrote: Thanks! The bitmap path was wrong though. The file is called "sheet metal OP3" instead of "test"

nicniclee wrote: im just wondering if you could make the same material in VISMAT format? I would greatly greatly greatly appreciate it!!!!!! you could contact me at nicolaslee1234@hotmail.com AGAIN THANKS SO MUCH!!

nicniclee wrote: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

natzki wrote: thanks

snaily wrote: Awesome! Great job, my friend..

pol78 wrote: What I was looking for. Thx

fanel wrote: nice perfored sheet, thanks

yuanitaoctavianti wrote: nice perforated effect.

marin2100 wrote: so much thanks

Deniz3d wrote: very thanks man

djembe* wrote: incredible!

Pirog123 wrote: 55 MINUTES?!!!! o_x

maluka wrote: thanks man

manuelbean wrote: I cant put it to work on 3ds 8 Is it made only for version 9??? I have to do this today, if you can help me it would be great

manuelbean wrote: I cant put it to work on 3ds 8 Is it made only for version 9??? I have to do this today, if you can help me it would be great

manuelbean wrote: I cant put it to work on 3ds 8 Is it made only for version 9??? I have to do this today, if you can help me it would be great

tiagrosa wrote: great job!

enigmaenigma wrote: perfecto!!

m444m5 wrote: MUY BIEN! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

chandni wrote: its a dream come true thanks a lot

chandni wrote: :)

leisetreter wrote: very nice. just what i have been looking for. thanks a lot!

AHHA wrote: Sorry, but there's no even files test.jpg added :(

shadowcrane wrote: thanks greath material

xaghost wrote: Pretty well, thanks.

EquiNOX wrote: Amazing.... Thanks for sharing

sarmiento wrote: wow. . .

padrinia wrote: thanx but wish if you can make render time lesser

Dominik.Martinez wrote: cool material..shower heads would be a breeze..

RayOfLight wrote: good!

the maxy wrote: very nice material ... i wanna thank this site realy many thanks..

DeadMan wrote: realy beautiful, GW mate !

tombook wrote: very cool but very long rendering time (:

polipop wrote: its ok

siliconbauhaus wrote: very nice mate

Jophus wrote: Nice. This will come in handy.

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