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MAX 2009 + Vray 1.5+, MAX 8 and
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  Jelly by kurczaczak

Category Liquid
Date 2009-11-20 16:11:23
Rendertime 06:53:34
System Athlon XP 2400+ 2GHz 1GB RAM
Vray version 1.5 SP2
3dsmax version 2009
Comment This jelly is my first material. I have old and slow computer, so rendertime is very long. If jelly\'s displacement is bad, change 0,4 value in noise map to other.

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Andrex wrote: Awesome!

sebasfunn wrote: muy bueno

cambila wrote: Thanks...

Skips wrote: thanks :)

mixlou wrote: Thanx! it came really handy

dwifajarsetiawan wrote: yummy... great

ftolentino wrote: Thanks for the material starter. I did some tweaks to get the jelly the way I liked since yours came in kind of opaque. Set the Refract color to a brighter color for more refraction and translucency. Set IOR to 1.49 for a jelly like quality. Set the Reflect value to 7, and Refl. glossiness to 0.95 I also adjusted the noise to have a larger value to be less noisy and more jam like, anywhere from .8 - 2 or 3.

julhas07 wrote: i think all material should be create for all max version. then its really helpful for us.

igodrigo wrote: great!

hemz wrote: thank you ..this is superb

GeneFX wrote: wow! Great Material!

vintager wrote: BIG LIKE tnx fb :)

redmeteor wrote: the best

uturn wrote: cool

vinjueco wrote: AWESOME!

Aotuhm wrote: Great!

meshsam wrote: thank u

Mcameron10 wrote: It was awesome

zabander wrote: hi, im having problems with the illumination to get ur result can u explain me what did u used? thanks

toulouse2k wrote: There's always room for jello.

Cu3rv02005 wrote: thx

llexx wrote: Thank You


dilpreetsingh wrote: it is a great creation..,thankx,..,was searching it for long time

Magnus123 wrote: thx men =)

paranoise wrote: thx !

zongozeng wrote: kicks ass

matlos wrote: thak yout

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