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Bath Towel

  Bath Towel by Levui

Category Cloth
Date 2006-09-13 02:09:29
Rendertime 00:36:33
System AMD 1800mh
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Color - Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink.
Drop displace map from Bath_Towel_Blue bump slot and use Amount 0.5

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supunz wrote: thank you very much

KrizzZlll wrote: very nice

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

margaritalvm wrote: thanks!!!

Drawo wrote: very nice

dindonmasker wrote: it look soo good thank you

Almostanonymous wrote: so nice

thiagorochabrasil wrote: great

globomidia wrote: ? wasted

bejjni wrote: good!!

galletita wrote: 10!

nawazg47 wrote: how can i use it. please help me, especially alpha and other files. nawazg47@gmail.com . design4@costra.com

miller1982 wrote: awesome! thanks mate!

denheart wrote: I dont know how to use this map.. sorry for my noobie, anyone can explain? i dont see 4 color in the render.. only 1 blue

elarund wrote: great thanks!

nasbothug wrote: thank u very much, ur the man!

javigon wrote: great material

Vandhaal wrote: Like it !!

h417451361 wrote: These materials provided by friends, thank you very much!

hardcorpsy wrote: fantastic texture, thank you.

blackshadow wrote: so real. thanks a lot

yura82 wrote: thanks so much

fa-mo wrote: thanks

mibelgue wrote: a bit small the displacement for me, but nice effect

mibelgue wrote: a bit small the displacement for me, but nice effect

jelena wrote: seems good, thanks!

nnaannaa638 wrote: niceeee very nice!

YuriyKost wrote: very!

aarikka2002 wrote: great job, good work!!

stoppy wrote: Amazing .. OMG

zana wrote: Ñ?уперрррр!

maxology wrote: great mat

pablopezh wrote: exelent mat

pablopezh wrote: something´s wrong with that white pixels in the lower edge of the figure.

hovan wrote: Good Mat

123456 (BANNED) wrote: NiCe! VeRy NiCE!!!

allansbass wrote: amazing !!!!!!!

sopedro wrote: Aywen gives 1????? why??? This is a very nice stuff 10 points

cjsimon wrote: sweet

stupendous_dk wrote: Beutifull ! Thanks a lot! :)

tosto wrote: it is so beautiful and I'm so dumb, I can't get it working on sample model, can somebody tell me what to do?

OLION wrote: many thanks

Noblos wrote: the best so far in cloth section, thanx dude

whale7 wrote: Спасибо!Давно искал для коврика:))))

Levui wrote: graver для коврика у меня друная текстура на дисплейс :)

graver wrote: ...Молодца, хоть и не часто приходится делать полотенца, но мат. скачаю уж больно симпатичный... Возможно удастся подкрутить настроечки и сделать коврик :-)

Levui wrote: capp yes, thanks :)

capp wrote: @Levui dont worry about visualiza. he is only jealous. very good work !!!

Levui wrote: visualiza no fake - Drop displace map from Bath_Towel_Blue bump slot and use Amount 0.5

visualiza (BANNED) wrote: fake material

bazuka wrote: great work man 10x

def4d wrote: Very nice one, excellent for study, bravo and thx a lot :)

higgledyhiggles wrote: purrty. do good for grass too.

re.spect wrote: wooowww, near perfect :)

frederick2501 wrote: huoooo... nice fur....

boobajah wrote: tnx

C_you wrote: I love it a lot! THX!

wolfsoull wrote: great , good job

tillaart36 wrote: This looks very promising

urpflanze wrote: i really like it!

darth_toufou wrote: Thank you, its very good

jerychang wrote: Well, thanks for sharing such good thing

Levui wrote: Спасибо други за хорошие отзывы :)

Levui wrote: Thanks that the voices have estimated my work :)

ultranexus wrote: Very cool material.Thx alot :)

HidDen wrote: здорово, видно что с душоё сделано... very cool

sorryman71 wrote: good job~!

wormvb wrote: nice mat

codycheck wrote: Perfect but is this time

cor wrote: very nice!

SharkNet wrote: super :D

Asked wrote: WAH-WAH-WAH !!!

tavares wrote: thanks a lot for this one i have been looking how to do it. i hope contribute soon uploading some materials best regards thks again

cami2k wrote: nice

vfdesign wrote: super :D

lzanlorenzi wrote: very nice!!! thkx!!!!!

qqai107 wrote: good

Levui wrote: Rendertime = 36 minutes (on picture - true) I was mistaken at input.

soljarag wrote: looks great.... but you put 36 hours instead of 36 minutes in the rendertime

fedeb wrote: really soft....

AlekzZz wrote: Thats just Insane quality O.o

doonz wrote: wow looks very real. good job

deepikan wrote: awesome!!!

johnlennon wrote: wonderfull thanks

polipop wrote: not bad

pfbelesa wrote: Incredible i was just seeking for this kinda material, thanks a lot for sharing.

InTheCity wrote: Pretty cool man.

Burgerlim wrote: Great cloth mat! Thanks! Only a little concern on the rendering time tough...

eMatoS wrote: it looks very good

Levui wrote: thanks for vote, people! спасибо что голосовали пипл :)

ariesr wrote: verry good. useful thanks

arrival wrote: sweet:-))

arrival wrote: sweet:-))

birbidouille wrote: aouah

Banshee wrote: very nice, yes! =D

number_one wrote: cool :)

senakos2004 wrote: nice ;)

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