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  Cor-ten by baroque

Category Metal
Date 2009-08-20 21:57:40
Rendertime 00:21:36
System INTEL/Dual 2198 MHz
Vray version 1.50 SP 2
3dsmax version design 2009
Comment Rusted steel, it`s used as material for ventilated cladding



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mert3055 wrote: nicee

atilicten wrote: nice

flippsen wrote: thanks

sch941204 wrote: thx

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joaquin123sk8 wrote: good

Quynhhan wrote: c?m ?n! c?m ?n!

daniela.toni wrote: thx

zterm wrote: Wow!

codeblack wrote: nice one

syraka wrote: Grazie mille!!!

Lele wrote: Great!!!!

addismagali wrote: lovee +

carlostruflo wrote: Amazing!

Giuseppe_95 wrote: beautiful

doomswar wrote: nice material :) thx

jacky0202 wrote: thank you very much

ArqRansom wrote: Thank you for sharing it :D

in2991 wrote: looks good!!

tanmoysonai wrote: good material, helped me a lot

chupom wrote: :)

celestin wrote: very nice job

v_panos wrote: hey man it looks great !

Alexreeves wrote: thanks!

LEE J wrote: thank you so much! you are a life saver!

solofenomeni wrote: Thanks a lot

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

PEDRAMIANO wrote: it can not be used for rhino !

jackbanting wrote: can you use this in rhino vray

cuscuso wrote: Thank u!

IgorDesigninFoco wrote: 10 Points

schiacciatore86 wrote: bellissimo

armsep wrote: good material

marcomrc wrote: molto bello 10 point

sergio182 wrote: good material

lwlap007 wrote: good material

rommelpsg wrote: create!

chubok wrote: good material

ro1491 wrote: thanks

carlos.morell wrote: 10!!

yuli9059 wrote: thx!

daniz_04 wrote: Thank!

juanin wrote: grat timesaver!

peterlaw90 wrote: good

curusa wrote: Gracias por este material hace rato lo estaba buscando en buena calidad

fdmaschio wrote: exactly what i was looking for! TKS

kajm wrote: How i can open .mat file ?

WolfgangP wrote: very nice material... cheers!

hsgim1000 wrote: thank you ;)

Banshee wrote: still very nice :)

quelmesky wrote: Thank you so much!!!!

uturn wrote: cool

aindreas wrote: good corten steel!

imbecil wrote: Can't use it. It's not compatible.

tengolethal wrote: nice one :) thanks

baroque wrote: relax...have fun with material ;)

smartis wrote: Sorry, i made an errore rating the material, actually the material is very nice!!...

smartis wrote: Sorry, i made an errore rating the material, actually the material is very nice!!...

lattjolarsson wrote: Nice one! Quick render!

Farfala wrote: wonderfull!

baroque wrote: thank you all for rating... update check this: http://www.vray-materials.de/all_materials.php?mat=2288

themagician31 wrote: thx a lot

RodC wrote: godd as ever, tkx B

baroque wrote: Thank you all for rating...what you think about update? http://img1.imagilive.com/0310/Cor-ten_updatea4b.jpg

dcabrg wrote: very good work!! ;)

lauren_ka wrote: i vote 10 :)

alwin wrote: i like it!

waltermourao wrote: nice material, congratulations.

EvaEstrint wrote: thanks very good texture, congratulations!!

baroque wrote: screenshot settings for other versions http://i34.tinypic.com/5tli.jpg thank you all...

amazlng wrote: it reminds me of the movie waterworld.. looks ages old :) haha

Matt_3D wrote: Just what I was looking for

anapaz wrote: good

mingss wrote: NICEE!!!!! i feel rusted.

tgridilla wrote: i can´t use this material! but i like it!

baroque wrote: Thank you all, comments and critics are welcome

martian_aphid wrote: nice thanks

sogiuso wrote: very goof

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