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Dark Alloy

  Dark Alloy by jameson63926

Category Metal
Date 2009-08-14 18:33:35
Rendertime 00:09:00
System Dell Precision Quad
Vray version 1.5 rc3
3dsmax version 9
Comment semi flat, untextured darkened or smoked metal

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romeiro wrote: Great material, thanks.

marmal wrote: Thank you!

041955 wrote: tq

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

pixelbetyar wrote: =)

davasseemeline wrote: ERROR 10 pts

arva wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

jameson63926 wrote: well done 2009 me

bastetgod wrote: perfect....

kulgar wrote: Exelent

yesasd wrote: Very Nice!!! Thanks

johanalfort wrote: Also had the HDRI problem but the material is great!

chaosdice wrote: good

younes3d wrote: thankx

alexarh_i wrote: What material? the zip folder all that I found was an Microsoft Office Access Table Shortcut....

Nymphus wrote: Thanks

kcc042770 wrote: good job

Millamara wrote: Thanks for this material. For me, is asking an HDRI map and it doesnt come together with the download. Some suggetion? thanks

wingxstudio wrote: awesome

fluffmachine wrote: nice

ALEXIA wrote: hey i was trying to download the material but it opens it with microsoft excel...any idea why?

miguelxcl wrote: thanks a lot

dilpreetsingh wrote: thankx

xrodrix wrote: Still cant understand why this material is just a nomral red color for me :(

xrodrix wrote: Still cant understand why this material is just a nomral red color for me :(


blasterftw99 wrote: slick, awesome

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