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Copper Oxidated

  Copper Oxidated by miweiler

Category Metal
Date 2009-07-31 11:59:28
Rendertime 00:00:47
System 3dsmax9, Dell Workstation with 8 CPU´s WinXP
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 3dsmax9
Comment Hi! I made an oxidated copper material for you, so you can use it for architectural sceens on roofs, walls etc. Hope you like it. The material technic is based on the material "weathered unpainted iron" by jarvart - so thanks to him!

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marakis wrote: thanks!

sebas21mustafa wrote: hello, im having problems uploading the material to 3ds max, i hope you can help me!!

sara.escudero wrote: Thank you!!

joebogen wrote: Thanks

eduardelli wrote: great material!

gonthermo wrote: ook

xyz118 wrote: like it

orelita3 wrote: Amazing !!!

fecescajadillo wrote:

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

theX wrote: very nice, thx you

jarakbay wrote: muchas gracias thanks merci :D

artursamenezes wrote: Very well @@

pejudlo wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

pejudlo wrote: 5

stonelith wrote: Just great...So realistic! Ofcourse THANX at first at "JARVART" for the base material used as reference but also to "MIWEILER" for taking this material to next level!!

marutmali wrote: Thank you

v-ology wrote: so nice

9release wrote: great!!

9release wrote: great!!

Llevellin wrote: Thank you! It's so nice :)

shuba wrote: like it

mimie wrote: thank you!! very nice! :)

arcad wrote: good job!

garion69 wrote: thank you

ajithappu wrote: awesome

mimarcankoc wrote: AWESOME REALISTIC

gulnaz_ir wrote: Thanks!

henrix21 wrote: nice job

ScionOfWar wrote: Very well done material, I'm experimenting with it right now because I might use this on the gutters of a 3d house I'm designing. I actually do this effect in real life with copper paint and a patina solution, and this is dead on! An improvement for the future might include drips, which is normal for natural patina to do from rain.

nacho3d wrote: I love you!! haha

Need_Help wrote: Not bad, but I also agree that the green colour should be a bit darker.

Banshee wrote: you´re welcome ;-)

miweiler wrote: Hi Banshee! Thank you very much ;)

Banshee wrote: @miweiler: I have taken care of the "0" vote. Think this happened by accident.

miweiler wrote: Hi chalwati: Could you tell me, why you voted down comlex shaders, like this? Are you one of the guys, voting a simple mirror material with 10 points? Maybe i have to think about publishing my materials here, because of guys like you.

Astorias wrote: The colors are correct in my opinion. Reminds me on the copper-roof I used to pee on as a young boy :-))) Looked exactly the same after a while.

jarvart 2000 wrote: Great shader. love the colours :)

hellyas wrote: sorry martian_aphid, but colors are really realistic, thanks a lot miweiler, I was really looking for this material

martian_aphid wrote: nice but i would have said the green should be a bit darker in shade, but good work

Banshee wrote: great, thank you!

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