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Galvanised Metal

  Galvanised Metal by Espie1979

Category Metal
Date 2009-07-14 12:14:38
Rendertime 00:08:35
System -
Vray version V1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment Galvanised Metal

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wladdes3d wrote: Very Nice

Willymartinussen wrote: Super thanks

Trapos wrote: thanks

rubenakabreko wrote: nice

l_u_i_s wrote: Muchas gracias.

eduardolp wrote: nice to scaffold

davide93 wrote: GOOD

imprdiseño wrote: great comunity

danyk_nest wrote: It looks really good

Louis Castel wrote: 8

liiseed66 wrote: Hey i think this looks great but when i down loaded it just looks silver on my computer. none of the features came through

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

unique_maniac wrote: nod bad buddy but enough for outdoor decoation objetcs' need a bit bump to

davgor wrote: Very good material for HVAC ducts!

andreiionut wrote: nice.thanks!

ghozy wrote: Perfect!

arnaldoxsi wrote: espero que me sirva

origins wrote: Good One^^

Mehmaddict wrote: gracias

omoomo wrote: perfect job

samcala wrote: wonderful!

x-space wrote: thank..that is what I need :)

Mr. NiceGuy wrote: nice

imranashraf wrote: looks Real, Its my first download and i dont know i can use this material for Sketchup Vray or not :S

ucef wrote: great material!thx

toulouse2k wrote: Great texture

gookga wrote: good

kushall wrote: thanks

Darkness27 wrote: wow!! very interesting thanks

ndaru_pr wrote: nice

vlospa wrote: Nice!! :)

dustann wrote: fantastic!

cungtrianh wrote: good

ebola wrote: beautiful, but the 'texture' is little bit stongly computer generated, if could be litle bit randomly, and have some more padding between the samples at some time, would be perfect 10 point material...

Banshee wrote: shame the textures are so low-res...

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