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Grass without Vray Fur

  Grass without Vray Fur by Espie1979

Category Architecture
Date 2009-06-28 11:08:03
Rendertime 00:29:00
System -
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version -
Comment Grass without needing to apply Vray Fur

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Musty wrote: Cool Grass

avrgcm wrote: thanks

juliancaballero0797 wrote: ty

Adeel918 wrote: Nice

adidotp wrote: nice thank you

IR0MANI wrote: TNX!

juduhe wrote: perfect

yaktinee wrote: 21

ops432 wrote: ocool

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

chrisjamesn wrote: ty

strzalka.d wrote: h

paky88 wrote: javascript:;

josuah wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

felipepinzonmallol wrote: Nice, heps me in a proyect. Thanks

cesarvillasanti wrote: very good

joaquin25sss wrote: NIce

javadalert wrote: great

alikaraot wrote: thanks for material. Its very usefully.

Culy2010 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

suzakuryou wrote: love it

Firagon wrote: Is very realistic, you really worked hard congratulations

riham86 wrote: thanks

Polumenol wrote: nice & realistic! But 25 in displace i a little bit too much, i think

jiggenitaly wrote: :)

Comen wrote: It is really good, but in some way it slighly reminds me a carpet.

raul ruy wrote: Very good material and surely useful. Thanks a lot!

maddust wrote: thanks :) !!!!!!

bm89 wrote: thanks :)

duderadamy wrote: hey; great grass! thanks!

yoken wrote: thanks!

Arc9 wrote: *freezes

Arc9 wrote: Very nice grass. Whenever I use vray fur my 3ds max freees as soon as I click the render button but this works well, even in close up scenes.

onthero wrote: perfect!

Saimon wrote: Acceptable grass, expecially for the rendering time.

sanob wrote: thanks

o9u2h4n wrote: güzellll

tin_wong wrote: thanks ~

gemide wrote: gooooood

DanielZolo wrote: Thanks alot!

zagabo47 wrote: thnkx man good material

ameesweety wrote: really really love it!!!!

jameson63926 wrote: primo grass

kienkor86 wrote: ^^ thanks

adi_saik wrote: can i ?

kuntakinte wrote: thanks

mattè wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

SRDSG wrote: cool

dilpreetsingh wrote: thankx

Arcangel007 wrote: Esta Re bien me parece... good

satyanreddyg wrote: good grass

asura7 wrote: good

molitor wrote: thanks

ayaskanta4u wrote: i am surprised

ajithkumarks wrote: nice

henrix21 wrote: thank you.

aaron_ibme wrote: good material

filmilm wrote: rated this material with 8 Points

orancg wrote: Thank you very Much

mariebambinavarro wrote: thank you so much :-)

SONNI_1 wrote: thanks!! very nice!! 8!!!

cnever wrote: havent tried it yet, but looks great

takethepowerback wrote: nice grass!!

slyroll wrote: 5

marimon wrote: gracias

akiklapute wrote: Good ;) like mine, too long rendering time ! Thx

lolopop wrote: good mat

geitos wrote: nice material

teubatera wrote: Bom material, não pode faltar em uma cena, porém a grama nao esta muito realista

edsonsr wrote: nice job!

sasidhar wrote: thaks a lott !

xxbinxx wrote: 5

SebaMax wrote: gracias

jamaica wrote: eshta

mukky blaze wrote: nice

rubynet wrote: nice!

fepox133 wrote: voy a provar que tal esta

fepox133 wrote: voy a provar que tal esta

chyn125 wrote: good

studioxl wrote: 8

uzifera wrote: thx

Juliup wrote: thank you so much for all... Juli from Argentina

G_H_O_S_T wrote: t

sergo wrote: better not to do any close ups though, VrayFur wins there - this one goes for a larger distances

pokin_sa wrote: thank

ashwinzero wrote: wish i knew how to create something like that...

Birge wrote: Çok güzelmiş abicim sen mi yaptın

niga83 wrote: I have done it rate point you're rate point is 9 T^T realy realy i'm sorry~

ratchai88 wrote: very good

mihaius wrote: 29 minutes? you must be kidding me. if you use fray fur, you can obtain a realistic grass in less time. so this is kinda lame.... not good.

SmihTDS wrote: Thank a lot!

hamidouch wrote: how i can download it

willy12 wrote: thank you

durmus_ugur wrote: merci

onderb wrote: it means "with diplacemants"

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