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Ceramic GlossyShowroom

  Ceramic GlossyShowroom by Daniel77

Category Architecture
Date 2009-06-15 22:08:24
Rendertime 00:03:29
System AMD64 am2+ X2 5000@5200 2 Gb ram
Vray version 1.5 sp2
3dsmax version 2009
Comment Very glossy white ceramic.
Perfect use in bathroom showroom or for glossy floor.

The falloff maps give to this material a great looks

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mrfarmer wrote: nice

andywhitesocks wrote: thanks so much!!

nvgr wrote: nice, love it

liveonparadise wrote: shiny!! :)

supunz wrote: thank you

Lydecker wrote: thx

Lydecker wrote: thx

winphone wrote: Thank's a lot

veeru stark wrote: nice material

louiesbuan wrote: nice

randomname1115 wrote: thanks

CGAART41 wrote: thanks

kungfupanda wrote: thanks for your help

Irrederdrachen wrote: Just that I need, thanx!

kegresse wrote: Very nice

201510094 wrote: THANKS

carlosg wrote: thanks

thoriq165 wrote: thanks

linda.designer wrote: Great material. How do I add this to my materials editor so I can use it and render in Vray/ 3ds Max?

3dbook wrote: thank you

tszkan0926 wrote: THX

marquinhosue wrote: gorgeous, thanks

hpf wrote: love you

LFKP wrote: nice

reginadim wrote: THANKS!

tonyblack wrote: wow genial

Cialjeng wrote: good

taqiadden wrote: thanks

CrossworddKittikun wrote: Nice

ley5229 wrote: Thank you@

archy906 wrote: thanks

dandze wrote: How do you apply it? it's two materials

daniel96 wrote: :)

royalmodelo wrote: awesome

verasidad wrote: =o)

Marenna 2016 wrote: 8 points

guity wrote: perfect material

Sariita069513 wrote: 10!

55burakfb wrote: tamam gördüm mk herkesde puan vermiş galiba bende veriyom ama ben bile yaparım bunun materialini o yüzden 10 üzerinden 2 veriyorum :D

55burakfb wrote: güzelmiş mk anladık nasıl indiriyoruz hani download nerede yapacağınız sitenin şeklini seveyim.

pppshr wrote: o~~perfect

stonelith wrote: Great!!!

off white wrote: good

pinus2334 wrote: great!!!!

hiroshidark wrote: :3 very good!

erlebowman wrote: Thanks for the Glossy_D/load

freedag wrote: very nice mat

domusinstructa wrote: nice mat, lets tray it

admiral00 wrote: hello, Im new here. how is this to use properly? because when I download this in my material library and select it... vray renders grey. I mean just grey and nothing else,no glossy.tyty in advance

admiral00 wrote: hello, Im new here. how is this to use properly? because when I download this in my material library and select it... vray renders grey. I mean just grey and nothing else,no glossy.tyty in advance

Marzzel wrote: This is really great! Thanks!

soldiermoney wrote: Nice, I like it you added a example sink there.

Daniel77 wrote: @yankov: ; ) you're welcome

yankov.plamen wrote: GREAT, this base makes it easier for our work on the projects ... you are really great!!! p.s. Thank tou

Rincevant wrote: thx

majijuan wrote: very happy

bous wrote: thanks!

hadykotta wrote: rated this material with 10 points

TheCerq wrote: Melhor site que já encontrei para baixar textura

Shenpster wrote: where is the textures....I only see one .mat file.

zaykho wrote: A very nice material !!

Lucastian wrote: graciasss!!

Archrye wrote: thanks!

xylopone wrote: tanks

mnkarasan wrote: i love this material, thanks..

mnkarasan wrote: Thank you very much

cris80 wrote: its great! 10 points

fontanet wrote: perfect!!

AngelEdges wrote: excelent

yesasd wrote: Very Nice!!! Thanks

prashant_kalola wrote: perfect match with ceramic object looking

vivek19 wrote: thanks .... nice 1

edmorline wrote: i liked

raymei2010 wrote: nice really!

Lim_Lineage wrote: 9

nuriawan wrote: very nice!!!!thanks bro

Daniel77 wrote: WTF Carla why?

uturn wrote: cool

quexstre48 wrote: excellent! keep up

bummy55 wrote: good jdb~!!

Lim_Lineage wrote: nice

sharotem wrote: very nice. thanx

johndesds wrote: zs

kolo wrote: very good

nasalj wrote: thank you very much for your work =]

millaray wrote: ok

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

TinoBambino wrote: cool!

chapkinman wrote: tnx

dacon wrote: Rated this material with 10 Points

Spy Studios wrote: Very Cool Material.

Daniel77 wrote: spoko , thank you very much for your intelligent vote. ;)

netoablaze wrote: save my life ^^

vrayofboky wrote: It's look shiny.

vrayofboky wrote: it's look shiny.

napcho wrote: great!

Erucci13 wrote: b e a utiful !! xp

930000000 wrote: wow! lol!!!!

gilivia wrote: It's perfect for me :-D

streezid10 wrote: nice,.. thanks^^

cadfre wrote: cool! let's try it!

screw-26 wrote: çok iyi hacım sağol

Daniel77 wrote: yes ;)

luiselmau wrote: i get it 3D Studio Max 9 is older than 3dsmax 2009

luiselmau wrote: i can't use it. Why? 3D Studio Max 9 SP2 V-ray 1.5 RC3 it says: error loading paramblock2 and invalid file. someone can help me?

TP wrote: great ceramic material

ninobino wrote: muito bom

toneo wrote: thank you.

toneo wrote: thank you.

Daniel77 wrote: ;) tnx

alecoco wrote: Excelente textura, sobre todo para renders de obra nueva

mohsab71 wrote: nice! arigatooo..thank u

alfrestilo wrote: exclente material, gracias. it's a great material. thanks

LeleG wrote: Thanks Daniel this is a very good mat. ;)

marc_belgrade wrote: Very nice mat, vell done

9181.design wrote: sick!! :)

burakade wrote: perfect

Daniel77 wrote: thx Guys

zkarraw wrote: thanks

Daniel77 wrote: What's the problem? Maybe you not use 3d max 2009 or higher.

hectorcuc wrote: i can,t use this material. why?

mauriceg wrote: Thank you so much

orrysdream wrote: good!!

nayakumara wrote: wow greaat...........

Daniel77 wrote: thx Leiurus and others

Daniel77 wrote: tnx ;)

Leiurus wrote: I rated it 10. It may be a "simple" material, but good "simple" material are often the hardest to find.

Daniel77 wrote: tnx for vote 3......you are a great man

red angel wrote: thx

hell-angel-03 wrote: nice !! thanks

Daniel77 wrote: Blankone you are eydpy brothers? Sad MAn

Daniel77 wrote: Hey eydpy , i 'd want to see a ceramic material that you could rating 9......

Daniel77 wrote: tnx ;)

plasmanter wrote: nice one ... cgz!

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