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 kahve deri vray dirt

  kahve deri vray dirt by onderb

Category Cloth
Date 2009-05-25 18:46:32
Rendertime 00:04:42
System 2.67 i7 cpu 12 gb ram
Vray version 1.5 sp2
3dsmax version 2009 sp1
Comment textures done by me with photosop which are tileables

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Padjpalu wrote: WOWWWW!!

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

gabovraycun wrote: good, buenisimo

Sinterklaas wrote: awesome

karakas34 wrote: baba büyüksün ! :)

MSupreme wrote: very cool 10

yaya34 wrote: benim için 10 numara(10point)

yaya34 wrote: tebrikler dostum

emrecad wrote: harika elinize sağlık

lilray wrote: Thanks so much...can't wait to try it out

par parii wrote: thanks a lot for the free downloads,it works a lot,

yaya34 wrote: tebrikler dostum

sepo wrote: 10 from me

abdelsidi wrote: nice material thanks

dinamoon wrote: very good

iamsopro wrote: n1 thx

aqull wrote: awesome

Efron wrote: çok guzel)

quexstre48 wrote: çok gerçekçi, elinize sağlık.

uturn wrote: cool

swirada wrote: Great work!

sarican wrote: hoca hakkaten güzel olmuş eline sağlık

bessakiz wrote: güzel çalışma ellerine sağlık

amit pokharkar wrote: niceeeeeeeeee

airplay wrote: eline sağlık üstad :)

zdi wrote: This is the best leather available on this website. Fully tileable, great resolution. Too bad nobody will ever find it, due to the foreign title.

yaisr wrote: good

jessica.nathania wrote: Thanks...

toto88 wrote: wow!

fanta_c wrote: Very useful! tnx!

Blue-M wrote: Thanks

papapitufo wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

muratzeytin wrote: eline saglık

SabriX wrote: çok güzel materyal.Saol kardeş.

enigmasi wrote: saÄŸol

Muwka18 wrote: best of all

crusher wrote: eywallah kardeÅŸim

mr.darkroom wrote: ellerıne saglık dostum cok iyi calısma

onderb wrote: http://www.3dspeedmachine.com/News/i7/i7review.htm

onderb wrote: valla tek kelimeyle harika 8 cekirdek işliyo rendiri bu sebeple baya hızlı http://www.3dspeedmachine.com/News/i7/i7review.htm bu siteye bakarsan analrsın

holzeminster wrote: 1gb ram 1.6 tek çekirdek işlemciyle çalışmak çok kötü bir deneyim =)

holzeminster wrote: teşekkürler =)

selant wrote: hocam core i7 ve 12 gb ile 3dsmax de çalışmak nasıl bir deneyim ? Ben de düşünüyorum da..

selant wrote: fantastic ;)

gordianknot wrote: VERY NICE

vannam20022003 wrote: VERY GOOD

surendran wrote: GOOD

designer35 wrote: taşakkrler önder.nice:)

gabriel.cunha10 wrote: Beautiful material baby Congratilations

rizoma_arch wrote: onderb this is incredible! amazing material

haydar111 wrote: turkish powerr

de_profundis wrote: very good!

fhernz wrote: =)

stevanus wrote: no thing for me to say,,, thank you my ottoman friend.

onderb wrote: thank dude

SILENT HUNTER wrote: Very good material!!! Thanks my turkish friend

Banshee wrote: I actually thought it´s leather as well!!

Banshee wrote: wafi? Any explanation for a 2-vote?

Espie1979 wrote: looks like leather rather than dirt

onderb wrote: come on WAFÄ° its not deserve 2 point

TS75 wrote: good

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