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 Antique Relief

  Antique Relief by miweiler

Category Architecture
Date 2009-05-18 11:18:39
Rendertime 00:03:52
System Dual Quad with 8 Processors, Windows XP
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 3dsmax 9
Comment This was just a test with some normalmaps and displacemaps, maybe its useful for you. i created the maps with some photoshop artwork and crazybump.

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juanmiramirez wrote: thannk u

uturn wrote: cool

insanliknami wrote: I coudnt beleive when I first saw this. wonderfull

sanay wrote: woww

bleachlanvin wrote: perfect very nice

nacho3d wrote: you're crazy! I love it, thnks!

miweiler wrote: the displcemap isn´t just a greyscale image (please compare it to the diffusemap!). The displacemap was the result of crazybump. When you tested the material, maybe you have seen, that the white areas are higher than the dark areas. I think its working really fine and it was just a test for the possibilities of crazybump. Maybe you have a better idea to create the displcemap (without constructing the scultpures first and working with z-depth!).

mihaius wrote: the displacement map is not just a grayscale image, it must indicate the heights. It is too complicated to create such a map for this texture.

miweiler wrote: mihaius: thanks for the comment. whats wrong with the displacement map?

morad wrote: thank's www.vray-material.de

mihaius wrote: the displacement map is totally incorrect.

sirichai2034 wrote: Good

samjoephy wrote: So nice~~ Thanks!

a7med wrote: 9 points

a7med wrote: thank u

neosur wrote: good

Addington wrote: Nice !

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