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Simple asphalt...

  Simple asphalt... by fabinou34

Category Stone
Date 2009-04-08 12:54:18
Rendertime 04:35:00
System Too old to be told...
Vray version 1.5 RC2
3dsmax version 9.0
Comment Ready for your wheels... :-P

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neilouban wrote: nice

Maik wrote: so greqt

hbk123 wrote: thanks

nyirko22 wrote: cool

jumgla wrote: Thank you so much

$Architect2015 wrote: thanks

k709960 wrote: thank you

epzee88 wrote: Nice mat...

123456789sasaki wrote: thank you

jnwright wrote: noticeable tile to it

shaggy wrote: graciela

davidplato wrote: Thanks So Much!

nonoisw wrote: GOOD

fxbiandavix wrote: gracias

miketi wrote: nice:)

MontBlanc wrote: perfect

dimasblack wrote: Thanks

xeon_hl2 wrote: nice material but why 4hours :O to render

dreamlauros wrote: thanks for the mat!!! hope i can get it to work lol

pari makwana wrote: nice material for road

klasimoto wrote: when I apply it on a material do i need yo use a uvw mapping modofier ? i case what would the suited length and with be ?

RodC wrote: fab fab

manojkva wrote: will this material work for Vray for rhino

manojkva wrote: thanks you

SRDSG wrote: thanks!!

sugi (BANNED) wrote: Yeah this texture isn't tileable.. that's where most of the work is..

Roy2059 wrote: 4 HRS!

zkarraw wrote: nice

sommzom wrote: thank

sommzom wrote: thank

rafanox wrote: Very nice i see real!!!

frossjelly wrote: thanks

xeon_hl2 wrote: nice

manny821 wrote: nice mat shader

abalderas wrote: rated this material with 8 Point

ninobino wrote: do best

ninobino wrote: "do melhor" in portuguese, is mean the best. Great material.

ninobino wrote: do best

fabinou34 wrote: Don't hesitate to darken the diffuse map if you find of it too clear!..

horacio_rage wrote: wawww thankss

davidcasenave wrote: it seems good for close ups

Masyan20 wrote: Thanks, fabinou34

fabinou34 wrote: Ready for your comments folks, i need to learn more !..

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