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Ultra gloss chrome

  Ultra gloss chrome by Jorpaes

Category Metal
Date 2009-03-22 04:43:26
Rendertime 03:15:05
System DG31 PRBR | Core 2 Quad Q8200 | 4GB 800 Mhz | GeForce 9500 GT | WinVista
Vray version 1.50
3dsmax version 2008
Comment Excellent material for jewels, metals and wheels.

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saint_diablo wrote: thx

sakin wrote: thanks

Lydecker wrote: thx

Lydecker wrote: thx

megolamanyak wrote: good job

gyouwhy wrote: ta!

kokuw wrote: thanx

hpf wrote: awesome

israa qafisheh wrote: good job

jesandyam wrote: realmente me encantó, se acerca mucho a la textura que quiero conseguir

hojin.lee wrote: Thank you

Biagiox wrote: Thank you

ealvarezg wrote: Thanks for your work

andreagra86 wrote: So great!!! THANKS

hanhsu wrote: thank

diadarim wrote: good job

diadarim wrote: good job

TristanOrs wrote: sorry 10/10 not 1/10 ^^"

chn.ozdemir wrote: güzel

e_hiero wrote: thanks for sharing. Want to use it for faucet.

lalouiz wrote: great, thank you !

yesasd wrote: Very Nice!!! Thanks

Cyanhide wrote: best chrome

dsteam wrote: great chrome

vapa86 wrote: speriamo bene

compositum wrote: Thank you!

brandmedia wrote: nice

hossammoustafa wrote: why error load

ronysvale wrote: Very good!

freedd008 wrote: yeah

breonsnow wrote: just what i needed to...thank you

mx2186 wrote: just what i looking for

ashataN wrote: Cool!

kienkor86 wrote: ^^ thanks, i like it

PARANYOO wrote: very nice

michael08 wrote: nice looks cool! thanks

snaily wrote: Great job!

Snoopy wrote: simply perfect

arq.olivera wrote: Nice material" it looks amazing!

lamoboty wrote: ok

phuacx wrote: thanks a lot

lukidos wrote: good material. Thanks

uyami wrote: tq

kushall wrote: thanks

zakzak008 wrote: great material .. thank u so much :D

晶晶芭比 wrote: wrong format How should I open it

Asomnia wrote: I have file open error!

mauriceg wrote: Excellent!

ahmyapim wrote: süper

francesca1987 wrote: è veramente wow

amitchamoli wrote: i can;t use the mat. reaso?????????

zhfpsdx wrote: I wanna use this materals to learning

mdxc wrote: awsome

Moonstaa wrote: realy good material, i´ve used it for a designtable

eskimimar wrote: thanxx

ignats13 wrote: Thanks a lot!

cubillos wrote: mucha gracias exelente trabajo

ASH_777 wrote: I think, the file's broken

xxxeee wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

xxxeee wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

mgmobiliari wrote: excelent

chadi wrote: it's very beauty

mjomjo wrote: good!

ChanceR0 wrote: very nice.

t_naka wrote: good!

Deditec wrote: Excelent!!!

minki wrote: great material. i always battle with the following, though. When you reduce your refl. glossiness, it creates speckled noise on your material. How can you change these speckles to lines so you get more of a brushed feel? any suggestions?

michokh wrote: how can i use it ???

rolandalcarde wrote: this is the first time that i'll try some materials on this site. let me see if this will render the same way with my vray materia...l

mihaius wrote: too few samples and a way too long render time. 3 hours on quad? sorry but this material can not be used. If I increment the number of samples it would take an hour to render the most basic object. And what about a complex one? No way

ghost13 wrote: thank you

Champloo wrote: Nice!

tahsinkaya wrote: asdasd

tahsinkaya wrote: erere

ironhorse555 wrote: now how do i apply it? genius

kemalkemal12 wrote: osgooooodddd

phanmy wrote: nice material! I rate this material 10 points

huss20003 wrote: amazing

stolen21 wrote: lemme check dude

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