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Worn/old silver

  Worn/old silver by Florinmocanu

Category Metal
Date 2009-02-25 09:46:56
Rendertime 00:30:06
System Q6700, 8 GB DDR2
Vray version 1.50 SP2
3dsmax version 3dsmax 2009
Comment I did this at a request from a user who commented on my bronze material.
It depicts and old silver surface, it's scratched, it's dirty. Test it out and tell me what you think

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brown777 wrote: wena holtorla

rudysh wrote: cool

oloknolo wrote: thanks

hpf wrote: great

f1_senna wrote: thnk u

kokuw wrote: thanx

sandra.turska wrote: cool!:)

furkaninckr wrote: thanks

Genko3D wrote: cool!

CB0JI04 wrote: erg

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

unique_maniac wrote: good choce for mechanic presentaion


kike228 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

kike228 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

adnanshomi wrote: very nice one

piyushA wrote: looking for week on google finally ..i gotta .thnks bro

maxaf wrote: thanks

tapatioooo wrote: Nice

candlee wrote: thanx

mklmax80 wrote: thanks , its goood

Alex_R wrote: GOOD!

KinnonII wrote: Is it possible to convert to Cinema 4D material?

mastervrayz wrote: Love it!

tetsue wrote: Thanks!

geoff wrote: Excellent thanks

Esteban wrote: Nice, Thk's!!

Florinmocanu wrote: Place it where ever you want and then in the asset tracker re-set the link to that image to the folder where you have put it. Should work just fine

nitrones wrote: where I place the image item0007.jpg?

nicolet wrote: Hi all, I'm new to Vray (Rhino-user with now VRay as render engine) and intriged by all those materials.. I downloaded a few but have trouble appying them...they have a .mat extention and the program seems to want a .vismat extension. Can anyone tell me how I can make use of all your wonderfull materials ? Thanks

nitinkasuhik wrote: nice met this sit realy good and very use full for every whose live in 3d world

Florinmocanu wrote: glad you liked it guys.. :)


anedoue wrote: REAListic thnx

zkarraw wrote: Very good

surendran wrote: thanks alot

kuroiei wrote: One of the best metal materials I found useful on this page. :) It looks vray natural. :)

dulcexxd wrote: look's great i

DonZaucher wrote: nice.-))

gogo7 wrote: nice ;)

alemarroco wrote: 10 points

7thguy wrote: inspiring

nasbothug wrote: veryyy nice!!!

xsazzadx wrote: great work wish u b the best

meina wrote: interesting

PI wrote: 8 points.

arqui 3D wrote: I like it

Florinmocanu wrote: i'm glad you like it...

Florinmocanu wrote: i'm glad you like it...

papatd wrote: Thanks, it looks good !

chivuvu wrote: good

ryechss1 wrote: Awesome!! I requested it!! you Rock! It works perfectly!

mossawi wrote: ok sroy nevermind, i found it :)

mossawi wrote: im sory im new, but how can i download this?

Florinmocanu wrote: Hmmm... so then i will create a seamless one :P...

Florinmocanu wrote: Hmmm... so then i will create a seamless one :P...

rdintrans wrote: nice one, but it could be better if scratch map were seamless....

Banshee wrote: good

Florinmocanu wrote: And this is how the material looks proper objects. In the scene, i only used an hdri for gi/refl and a direct light. http://img14.imageshack.us/my.php?image=silver2m.jpg

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