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  Glass-facade by rubik777

Category Glass
Date 2009-02-24 20:56:53
Rendertime 00:40:40
System AMD Opteron 1.65 (2.25 Ghz), 3 Gb of RAM
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9
Comment avant-corps

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Rina_I wrote: Thanks

manjugaja wrote: excellent

Patrick22 wrote: excellent

orlando123 wrote: I46ZASXKXS

compadre wrote: good

asdasdedfrsdgdfh wrote: desfvsgf

shieranuar wrote: tqqqq

hferkal wrote: Can anybody help me on how to use this through 3dmax material browser, I have added however it looks as if it is just a category of library no material below

0111 wrote: مرسی

paula tatiana wrote: thsanks

mickymuii wrote: good,thanks

princewell94 wrote: nice

dahman wrote: it didn't work in 3ds 2015

dawiebowo wrote: thanks

davidjdj wrote: nice

ankahan wrote: bunu nasıl kullancaz biri yardım edebilirmi aceba

mannublaze wrote: Big thanks to all the uploaders :)

fds2013 wrote: great! thanks!

maverick34 wrote: great!!

BC-Athey wrote: Cool txtr! Many thanks!

zherenc wrote: hopefully its good

irondread wrote: THANKS MAN!

madmaxx_30 wrote: Amazing!

fany parulian wrote: ht

archadia1980 wrote: amazing

lamada27 wrote: thank you

cryptocid wrote: it's not vray material. it's not procedural tile. very poor

jaimejsg_03 wrote: rated this material with 9

kesi wrote: how to use it in 3d max

quimotion wrote: tq n love it!!10 points

kristinaaa wrote: I really love it! 10x

adek52 wrote: good

pasamusa wrote: very nice !!

daroo242003 wrote: good

alesuco wrote: nice

rhoup wrote: nice,,,

hery2oliva wrote: This is a very good and usefull material.

vanessanezz wrote: tnx a lot!!!

zaman2011 wrote: Super material keep forward goodluck

Mr. NiceGuy wrote: thank you

haf5021 wrote: nice

nasos wrote: thank you

l-houssem wrote: good

pranab501 wrote: 10

jesie20 wrote: looks nice :)

adityasiva wrote: i give 9 points

enfo_86 wrote: Very goood!

das3d wrote: Good one but . . . . . . standard materials inside blend material so i think i will not use it, may reconfigure it.

TICOFRESH wrote: just what i was looking 4 thanks

stuart wrote: amazing i love it

visira wrote: sdfdf

mbnavarro wrote: THANK YOU

awengski wrote: 9

eljar7y wrote: very nice thaaaaaaaaanks

hidetoshi_senna wrote: Great Material...nice

104104 wrote: good

joyang wrote: great meterial

teamgandaia3 wrote: great material

Nightflyer wrote: super

sherifmr wrote: max 8

4saken wrote: sorry, but this is useless. no max materials with vray please! this doesnt work with render elements. only causes problems

eldiven wrote: its beautiful,thamk you

sugarfreee wrote: thanks a lot!!!

yenidenbaslasam wrote: greaT THANKS

wi_andrew wrote: great!

eunhold wrote: Gracias! muy buenos estos materiales

aquaman wrote: i'd love your job sooooooooooooooo much :*

mosaabhadrab wrote: thanx

hamatin2001 wrote: thnkssssssssss

rob_hoffman2003 wrote: nice

polyglot wrote: Oops found em sorry half asleep must finish work does not compute batteries fading...........

polyglot wrote: hmmm where are the textures in the material?????

tansing120 wrote: why couldn't i used it? is it difference cersion?

large_arch wrote: Thanks alot for ur great efforts... I'm glad to join this site :) it's very niec and very very useful ... I thank everybody here and thank u all ;)

iain.johnson wrote: Perfect! Spanks

silverblade_max wrote: nice one....

zkarraw wrote: Thanks

DarDesign wrote: Thank U Very Much !!!

mouhamed ali wrote: thanks

kokoaldali2001 wrote: 9

knafoak wrote: Thank you, it very useful

ahmedonline wrote: I love V-ray

pc_chee wrote: thanks

muntik87 wrote: nice

lunatic_archer wrote: thanks

hebatallah1983 wrote: can i ask how could use these materials

animworld wrote: lovely

vitimaister wrote: sfd

einstein wrote: thx thx thx thx

rrpornchai wrote: my first download I serch glass material long ago. If can do, thk for your source.

s.lab wrote: good work

javier360 wrote: muy bueno

Cheroky wrote: Best

rubik777 wrote: I tried with tiles map at first but somehow i didnt like the result.You can try it of course.

Alex1point wrote: A very useful materials for facades and greenhouses. Thank you very much! It may be interesting to replace the map "grid_mask" with "tiles"?

Alex1point wrote: A very useful materials for facades and greenhouses. Thank you very much! It may be interesting to replace the map "grid_mask" with "tiles"?

papatd wrote: Cool !!!! Thanks.

rubik777 wrote: 1 pt voting ok, but what is this for a comment "bvmmmn"? :))

sun66322 wrote: 9

Florinmocanu wrote: What is up with such things like rating 1 for a really good material? I think the mods should start to look into this and ban some accounts and ip's..

charlyenriquez1 wrote: bvmmmn

dhidik wrote: thanks

lefteris.betsis wrote: Great material!!!! Thank you.

Florinmocanu wrote: nice material..

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