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Realistic Displace Grass

  Realistic Displace Grass by blackchild

Category Glass
Date 2009-02-23 20:53:17
Rendertime 00:22:37
System Intel DualCore 1.86
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 9.0
Comment Grass

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haema2019 wrote: good

olivanmc wrote: good

imblack807 wrote: so cool!!

gnab.bf wrote: thanks

hbk123 wrote: nice

croxpm wrote: nice

nanocruel wrote: its not seamless

0111 wrote: مرسی

msvera wrote: thankx

berilyum wrote: nice

nishida-y wrote: thanks!

Karazu wrote: it's great

josemigel wrote: thanks!

shiuk2011 wrote: gRass not gLass((((....

metallenra wrote: This material looks amazing but it is too bad that it does not work with the new V-Ray for Revit.

Marenna 2016 wrote: 8 puntos

theshadowclasher wrote: wew

alvilla79 wrote: demasiado bueno

3drawings wrote: 3drawings

gosztonnyino wrote: nice glass

ajesika10 wrote: this sucked

teot wrote: Wrong category guys

Alice8885 wrote: Thank you!!!

nymeriamimi wrote: looks very real down to test;)

Faldov wrote: Nice Grass

rcscad wrote: great!

rcscad wrote: great!

eapenster wrote: niice one thank you

zhuyic wrote: Really nice

ha1dy wrote: ty

iwan17 wrote: Nice matetial

kaoch wrote: thanks for sharing

kaoch wrote: thanks for sharing

konigpt wrote: ty

stefanoutsos wrote: thanks

jblee wrote: thanks

edper wrote: very good ok

gamgun wrote: thanks!

pankwid wrote: yeah

golea wrote: really nice

treza19 wrote: very nice !! thank's !

visira wrote: thank

andrealu wrote: looks nice..........

jim-jam4 wrote: let's try

rcscad wrote: thank you very much! too

sheefm wrote: nice yaar

atillasa wrote: very nice


bvpeti wrote: Great!

acobos wrote: tahnk you i like this material

is haris wrote: thank you..:)

nisandrian wrote: very nice

pavelhcd wrote: not bad

rayenanahi wrote: the bestttt

carlitoskmino wrote: the bestttt

sbarboz85 wrote: Great

manolo777 wrote: nice grass!

PINTET wrote: rated this material with 7 Points

mohitbhatt147 wrote: nice

orien2v2 wrote: Hey this is grass right? How come it's in the Glass category? Awesome material btw... :thumbs up:

sanob wrote: Just amazing

kturnbull4 wrote: lovely texture

Arkipao13 wrote: thanks

kapook_sundaes wrote: This's very nice one! Thank you

kienkor86 wrote: ^^ thanks

feslegen wrote: thanks

victoriar wrote: Its what I NEED! Thanks!

chabochi wrote: see great

natzki wrote: very nice

mike1038 wrote: good stuff

jaejo wrote: thank a lot

thiagomerlo wrote: very good

pipexo wrote: Thanks. you are a genius

surendran wrote: fine

haizephyer wrote: cool

krearq wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

Pirog123 wrote: G R ASS, not GLASS!! wtf? :D

kazzaz wrote: fdsfdf

naqsh wrote: ddd

WMaciel wrote: Very very good! Congratulations!

fredzin wrote: OMG.

janosik wrote: glass like grass hehe

gaboleto wrote: quiero verlo

norimakiparale wrote: thank for material its cool

yanagul wrote: its good

kuroiei wrote: It's ok, but why under the "Glass" section? :P

xsazzadx wrote: keep up the good deeds u ll receive the same!!!

josvi wrote: Ok. Bery Good

habib266 wrote: this is just i need it.

Romanss wrote: 8 points

gazfil wrote: thanks

ocinfographie wrote: more big !

rrpornchai wrote: It's wrong category, pls change.

rrpornchai wrote: I 've dl and will respond,and rate it.

s.lab wrote: very nice!!!

onderb wrote: is it glass? you have to put arc. catecory

susanmoses wrote: FYI: This is GRASS not GLASS... you should change the category. Thank you for the grass!

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