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 Steel brushed, mechanically polished

  Steel brushed, mechanically polished by Banshee

Category Metal
Date 2009-02-05 13:01:36
Rendertime 00:15:41
System Dual Quad Xeon (8 x 2.5 GHz) 12 GB Ram
Vray version 1.5 SP2
3dsmax version 2009
Comment One of my favourites actually. It´s seamless tileable and looks great on round survaces.

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hak63 wrote: thanks

chanelburr wrote: Perfect!

Patrick22 wrote: great

tilyon93 wrote: Perfection!

dodgar702 wrote: Nothing in the .mat file

Rawan_sam wrote: thanks

msvera wrote: thankx

katysha wrote: Perfection! Thank you :D

Mykal_10 wrote: Need it. Thank you

johnnyfive wrote: thank you

ruisuzara wrote: Nice

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

quexstre wrote: nice material thanx.

unique_maniac wrote: good details but a bit long time for render but good

SilencedAnger wrote: Looks very realistic, nice one ;)

baris1453 wrote: THATS THE BEST

sebaloiseau wrote: is very nice, I love it so much

wb1978 wrote: Just what I was looking for

lookkumput wrote: Thank

px24 wrote: hot!

sayaka wrote: very thank

Descartesquieu wrote: Good stuff!

sherwinte wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

tengolethal wrote: really really cool, respect :)

Charnjeev wrote: Fantastic work!

paruyan wrote: nice

davialbuquerque wrote: wow, gratz

uturn wrote: cool

filipemello wrote: Fantastic! Congratulations!

kahnshang wrote: Great material, so cool!

kingkong22 wrote: very cool

diego123 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

TinoBambino wrote: cool!

creators wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

marcos^plaza wrote: Amazing material. Very useful

niksoftarg wrote: it looks amazing!

joke1joke wrote: LIKE IT !!

RodC wrote: sooo nice

Qooman01 wrote: thanks~

3dsMoritz wrote: cool

PAULO wrote: genial

lazaro wrote: Very nice!!!

rafonemanager wrote: NICE!

beautifulart wrote: like it, but doesnt opening(

PARANYOO wrote: nice steel

A.Atiq wrote: thanks thanks very much you are very Cool i lovt it so much thanks again

jwanma wrote: Nice!

d37ils wrote: thanx

Baren wrote: dude...you're machine is really a monster, wow...my dream machine..btw thanks for the material...i really like it

gustavox.xp wrote: very goood !

changyi wrote: great job

ChanceR0 wrote: damn, this is beautiful! you offer tutorials?

beakbeat wrote: Well done, thanks

emevoluoy wrote: beautiful..

haroonqiyam wrote: good

Freesin3d wrote: cool!

livlo wrote: Very nice metal, but maybe too shiny for a brushed one

endoplasmic reticulum wrote: nice!

rmie wrote: thank u

daemonxyx wrote: Hats off for you, thats really nice looking. Gives me a reason to nag my collegues for Dual Quad Xeon and a bunch of RAM, cause this is taking a while to render, (still going). I think our clients will agree.

jack13567 wrote: s0 good

HSNBLR wrote: Thank you so much..

HSNBLR wrote: Thank you so much..

ebz wrote: Wow!

Amleto74 wrote: masoodahmed, whi 5 points?You have tested the material? I was working well ... before you give a score, try! ;-!

jarvart 2000 wrote: GREAT you can do DOF when you have 12gig of ram ;)

capp wrote: very cool idea with the dof !

3DCreator wrote: Now THAT is incredible..

Banshee wrote: Hi capp :-) The dof is in the scene update 2009. (frontpage!) Users can switch it of if they want to but I thought it would be nice - the base looks a bit blurry - as if it´s far away or in the background. Helps judging materials which are not meant for closeups. That´s what I thought at least :) Just playing around ;)

Saddler wrote: nice

capp wrote: Dennis, you are using dof ? you wont get an extra point for that ;-x

gether-nogueira wrote: GREAT

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