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 Steel brushed, golden Shellac

  Steel brushed, golden Shellac by Banshee

Category Metal
Date 2009-02-05 12:57:41
Rendertime 00:21:29
System Dual Quad Xeon (8 x 2.5 GHz), 12 GB Ram.
Vray version 1.5 SP2
3dsmax version 2009
Comment You can modifiy the glossieness by chaning the shellac blend value.

I created it as fine as possible. It takes some time to render with 60 subsamplings. You can safe about 70% of the rendertime by decreasing the glossy-samples to around 30 without huge quality differences.

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omarkopolo wrote: thanks

omarkopolo wrote: thanks

chiarabene wrote: The library is empty

heosora wrote: thank you

jcox_hamilton wrote: nothing in .mat file

hyun0kim wrote: ggg

aryan3d wrote: Thanks

allaine_kris wrote: thank you

vcejasha wrote: thnx

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Lbir wrote: Thanks

marakis wrote: thanks!

tirivkas wrote: NOT WORKING !!!

hpf wrote: thanks!

Mjolnir32Z wrote: best

Mjolnir32Z wrote: woah !

rbacord wrote: Can you remove this? Your file is empty when you open the Mat in 3dsMax

Asmodeia wrote: Cool)

shaqrath wrote: NOT WORKIN

Hayatahmed wrote: NIce

MARTI wrote: nice

erhanoztorun wrote: thank you :)

jichr161 wrote: thx this really useful

rtoscano wrote: wow! really nice, thanks!

richichili wrote: chingon

nolipineda wrote: very nice! thanks!

seawindym wrote: I v been looking for the proper brushed metal material for long time, hope it could serve well

hpf wrote: no está el archivo del material dentro de la biblioteca

ciel313 wrote: thank u

yarv wrote: thank u !

laurenbenson1 wrote: the material library is empty when i open it :(

shiuk2011 wrote: Banshee is the best I've seen here so far))

Nafea2014 wrote: great Job, thanks

CAD ROJAS wrote: nice job

PandoraboxStudio wrote: Thanks

Bakisha wrote: This is wonderful

unique_maniac wrote: ggood for decoration objects

geraortiz wrote: GOOD MATERIAL

ttvibes wrote: Thank you for your time! you make internet what it is! : )

mohi.lauri wrote: tre

sasha-roki wrote: Nice!

uturn wrote: cool

sumesh010 wrote: its really awsome

paqodf wrote: very good

mamukaok wrote: thanks

saftime wrote: thanks a lot!

bpleno wrote: great !

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mimie wrote: thank you! :)

monsterrabbit wrote: ;) thanks for upload this.

gogybear007 wrote: cool cool

d37ils wrote: thnx

dimasblack wrote: thanks

lazaro wrote: I'd rated it 100!!!

kartz wrote: thanks

guns82 wrote: 10x!!!

lilravson wrote: i love U :-P

pipe01 wrote: Thank You!!

jjbatle wrote: fantastic!!

andless wrote: nice,thank u..

eren wrote: it is not open!!!

CDC wrote: Terribly sorry, I'm ashamed about myself :-) Somewhere during testing, I changed the gamma value in the preferences of Max... and completely forgot about it...

CDC wrote: Nice material, very well done. But when I render it, the colors aren't the same, in fact there is no contrast in my rendering, the golden shading appears very pale. I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

CDC wrote: Nice material, very well done. But when I render it, the colors aren't the same, in fact there is no contrast in my rendering, the golden shading appears very pale. I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

nour79 wrote: thanks

styl3rs wrote: rated this material with 5 Points

dioxyd wrote: Unfortunately I agree with mihaius. This material is so slow and it is not giving the same result in the scene. Maybe I am doing something wrong, however, it is not a big deal for your current scene as said.

dondesignn wrote: nice material..

mihaius wrote: why is this a good material? because is slow; because everybody says so; because it's not such a big deal; sorry, but this is so slow, my q9400 won't render in one hour a simple object. This is not professional. Newbie made.

arhitip wrote: rated this material with 100 Points

sathe wrote: Best gold material ive ever seen produced from Vray

pasanuri wrote: thank you

rmie wrote: thank......

oezzer wrote: im new here.. i couldnt use the mat s. they are looking different when i rendered it. what should i do

liark2zion wrote: thank u! ;)

Caleb wrote: wow a have to admit....GREAT!

leozitro wrote: i love your materials

romeoegypt2005 wrote: goood

s.mujtaba wrote: wow, it's fantastic

capp wrote: nice anisotropic effect

3DCreator wrote: wow...

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