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 volumetric smoke

  volumetric smoke by hellyas

Category Special Effects
Date 2009-02-03 15:18:16
Rendertime 00:08:35
System pentium 4 quadcore
Vray version 1.5
3dsmax version 2008
Comment well finally I did it.
It's a fully procedural volumetric smoke (or if you prefer could be also a cloud or a coloured gas).
you can change intensity, color, rarefaction and whatever you will,
just changing fog color,multiplier and bias

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omarito1985 wrote: posi

ensolmotion wrote: good

xequen wrote: thanks

salvadorjimenez wrote: thankyou,

mahmoudhamzaarc wrote: thnx

Mykal_10 wrote: Nice

kokoszka1984 wrote: ok

asgfggklhgh wrote: (y)

Skips wrote: Thanks ;)

felipefa wrote: wow

uturn wrote: cool

emonde wrote: WOW imba nice1

neoen wrote: interesting

wovik253 wrote: Nice

apolaki wrote: nice

MonoHinojosa wrote: Good

meziane wrote: nice ,)

elfedeottonelli wrote: we gonna try to make some clouds

deluxe wrote: genial

Dimi wrote: A realy good work, nice one!

Dimi wrote: A realy good work, nice one!

hellyas wrote: for "nnq2603" I'm really sorry for this big delay, but 've problems with my pc. so, the only change in material editor I've done is in refraction, I've used maximum refracrion (white); ior: 1.0 ; glossiness 0,95 ; fog color 250,250,250 ; fog multiplier 0,3 ; fog bias -0,35 . that's all, it a really simple mat.

jurgemeister wrote: thank you :)

hellyas wrote: sorry nnq2603, you're right, I'll do as soon I can, now I'm at office,maybe this night

nnq2603 wrote: Can anyone take screenshot all setting of this mat (upload scrshot image n post link here). I must to use Max 9 for some reason then I can't manage to open this mat (2008)... Try ask in 4rum but no result~

ryandanger wrote: nice

ScionOfWar wrote: Very interesting!

Linkipunk wrote: Really awesome!

schwertfisch wrote: 1000 thx! I try to reproduce the same material on my own and I cannot make it. How did you do it?

fontanet wrote: THANXXX !!! and wowwwwwww!!

vazduhuri wrote: it's the best procedural material I've seen so far.

hellyas wrote: I'm answering mihaius.. I've somethimes the necessity of volumetric mat for my photomontage without any other set

Pirog123 wrote: Really awesome work! My 10 is yours =)

noname wrote: THE "MONSTER" OF LOST ! COOL.

mihaius wrote: why would you make a material like that? how can you use this?

vitalpearl wrote: thanx a LOT!

Jozeta wrote: Excelente material, se agradece...

hellyas wrote: well, it's a core duo quad...so I've 4 cpu in taskmanager history...I've assumed there are 4 cpu..thanks for the info, for the next material I'll avoid the mistake

Florinmocanu wrote: cool material... But one sugestion, there is no pentium 4 quadcore, pentium 4 wasremoved from production about 2.5 years ago...

HDemirel wrote: Great! I give you 10, without any doubt.!!!!!

HDemirel wrote: Great! I give you 10, without any doubt.!!!!!

vraywhiz wrote: Congratz. Big time.

vraywhiz wrote: Uh.... wow.

pi3c3.cg wrote: Sish... I would never even thougt about a material like this one...

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