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Varnished Scratched Procedural Wood

  Varnished Scratched Procedural Wood by pi3c3.cg

Category Wood
Date 2009-01-27 15:03:29
Rendertime 00:07:51
System C2D 2Ghz | 2GB RAM
Vray version 1.5 SP2
3dsmax version 2009
Comment Ok... Here is the newer version of my procedural Wood... Still no textures were used, everything is procedural... Just put into the object and that's all... If u want to change the direction, use the Coordinates menu. If U want to change the colors, use the Output map...

Hope u still like it... =)

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kokuw wrote: thanx

linhyu207 wrote: very nice

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

arnau wrote: ry very very good, you are a god!!

seaber.elektra wrote: its useful!! Thanks!!

RodC wrote: tk pi

MSIP35 wrote: Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах Вах какой сочный мясо

MSIP35 wrote: panut- Вах дурачка

MSIP35 wrote: 3161313

itg wrote: Incredible!!!

panut wrote: tk

akiklapute wrote: thx good job ! 9

zkarraw wrote: Very good

novodantis wrote: Clever material, would be a little better with matte effect on the scratched parts rather than shiny

panrocker wrote: thanks

firecrest wrote: very interesting!

miweiler wrote: Nice Idea for a procedural material!

pi3c3.cg wrote: It's not true, cause if u take a look at a varnished surface, the reflection is not depending on the colour of the surface at all... This is because the varnish is another material, that covers a surface... So that's why... =) In this case, not the wood reflect, but the varnish... =)

capp wrote: strange wood. the color looks okay, but the scratches are actualy not very realistic with that pattern-structure. tweak them a little more to get rid of that pattern ;) by the way, if you want realistic scratches you have to use the reflect and glossy-map channels of the material also (bump maybe too) make them less reflective

odarp wrote: Hi. Just the metal procedural, without the painting.

beo wrote: excellent!

odarp wrote: Very nice!

Amleto74 wrote: Great!! ;-)))

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